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ayyeee spain, poland, and czech republic i’m coming next month with my boy @hrvy. tickets & vip upgrades available now at jacobsartorius.com 🚀
when u get off stage and ur managers tell u you to #trusttheprocess 🙏 COMING SOON!!! 2018!!!!!
thank you xx
who’s ready to hear this new music? 🎵🙏
in celebration of #internationalwomensday i want to thank my mom for inspiring me to be hardworking and teaching me unconditional love. and to all the young women reading this keep striving to make Generation Z legendary. ❤️
miss u la 💔
work hard in silence, let success make the noise 🙏
No student should have to think twice about getting up and going to school in the morning. There's no place for fear in our schools and there never will be... make sure you go sign the petition @marchforourlives. #neveragain
grateful to have one of the strongest fandoms in the world... you guys are everything to me. new music coming soon... hang tight.
Can't believe the Left Me Hangin Tour is over!!! Just wanted to say thank you to these people right here for supporting me on such a fun tour and killing it on stage every night. Also wanted to thank all ...
love meeting all of you
Happy birthday to this beautiful girl, 14!! you’re the funniest, most caring person in the entire world. I hope this year brings you lots of great memories and moments you remember forever. Can’t wait to see you, I love you ...
the “are we getting chick fil a after the show?” face
tonight was lit. thank you salt lake city!!
hahhhahaha @milliebobbybrown you scared the s%#* out of me. you officially win best valentine in the world. love you and miss you ❤️
at 15 i’m humbled to say i get to travel the world playing sold out shows to some of the coolest people i’ve had the honor to meet. i’m so lucky to be in the position i am and am ...
~ let it rain ~
lost in the moment
i love you guys w my whole heart
join the party
when u finish a lit show and u just want to eat the chick fil a ...
cleveland i love you !!
goodnight world p.s. canned chocolate milk for the win!!
i need u to listen to the vision
Mid blink
Philly tonight xx

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