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Looking at this sweeties, 👩🏻‍🎤❤️🎉fun evening with the fam!
Little baby flo flo! I've been absent doing a lot of big things.. making a Phoenix, remolding the home, and planning an art festival! Hope you guys are doing the things you want as well! Xoxo
Come out to @fortwayneheartofthecity in the parking lot of Freimann square, and check out some amazing local artist. We're here till 5pm! @therealporchmoon @jeffstumpp @tricia_cavender @halir632 @cdunifon and many more! So [email protected]_b
The day has arrived... the Phoenix has risen! Lots of sleepless nights and hard work.. I want to thank every single volunteer for all of your efforts.. I love you all so much!! Could have never accomplished this feet without ...
More progress, feathers are stuffed, and their holes burnt in them, next step to weave them on! Head sculpting has eye sockets now. I need to finish the neck and the back of the head, and it'll be ready for ...
Tb weekend fun.. currently heading to our vacation destination! #shanendoahnationalpark
Lots of progress on the Phoenix sculpture! Working with a lot of amazing people! @TekVenture is the bomb! Check it out, and help us with feathers today through next sat!
Trying to juggle fam time and several large projects can be difficult at times. But you have to make the most of it.. so here's a little hallway hangout while our floors are being redone. #happy #familygoals #timetodrink #love #patience ...
Summertimes and birthdays..! All my ladies have close birthdays.. 3 Gemini's in one house.. today is middle Maggie's birthday..! love all my ladies happy birthdays to the raddest chicks I know! @maggi3lizabeth @brenna_watson @erinelainew
We have material and color layout for the Phoenix sculpture. I'm really excited for this project! Next week we will begin the skeletal structure, and the wings.. each will have to have the proper space allotment and proper spacing for ...
The oldest is 21 now! It's real!!... @brenna_watson #birthday #gemini #twins #whoah #shesallgrowedup
Tooling a prototype wallet. Hopefully I can get the kinks worked out before our first show.
Umbrellas are for chumps 😂 @alabastard_b
As I'm doing Maggie's eyebrows, this little boy lays down for a snuggle..! Sweeties
Prepping bags for Green Tree Weaving!
Loving my life right now! Busy, rewarding, and checking off goals!
@madelineperez and I.. opposites ebony and ivory. Celebrating 30 day challenge completion with friends! Sarah too! 1 tequila 2.. #bae #brassrailfw #brassrail #friends #30daychallenge #complete #timetodrink
Another day forward.. having a pretty big meeting again today.. hopefully all pans out! Those interested in helping with any of the projects I have in the works..let me know..! I'd love to have you on board!!
Sculpture profile. Have I mentioned that I'm excited about this project!?!? 25'long 14'tall 12'wide.. dream big!
I got some big plans unfolding!! I'm super excited! The sculptural project I proposed was given the green light!! This piece will be a large community piece, and TekVenture (our maker space) will be behind this amazing endeavor!! All hands ...
@pjharveyofficial what an amazing show! And great company! She was perfect, the band was impressive!! ❤️❤️
At art camp we had a lovely time creating marionettes! This one was @alabastard_b performance. We had such a great time and met lots of great people! Wish the kids would have enjoyed it too! But you can't win em ...
Happy birthday to this nugget! Youngest is 15 now.. it's real.. !
Time lapse of me at work. 4 paintings for classes I have coming up..
When you start reorganizing and designing a new layout for your studio..! Chaos! It can definitely be overwhelming, but it's going to be an awesome helpful step forward. I'm useless if my room isn't right! Make a mess to improve ...
My friend Nick gave me this two sided framed wood panel to work with! So I started a new piece! Been doing a lot of work in the studio, preparing for some serious rearranging! I think I need to do ...
I started working on this piece again.. couldn't decide how I wanted to do the tassels, but here you go. I went with some braiding and rivot action! Still working on some of the details.
This day.. big things a brewin!! Hope you had a great weekend, everyone!! #fortwayne #love #fowardmovement #blondehair #makersmovement #igersfortwayne

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