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A slow bounce... comforting to watch. w/ @roseandodin
Foggy Oregon soccer morning. It was dark when we left the house! Look at #7 go! Ivy just had an awesome assist.
Ivy and I did a happy dance because #pomegranate. 😍❤️❣️
PTA meeting and hedgehog bath night. Don’t be jelly of my wild Wednesday evening events.
I started having the kids read & discuss one card on the way to school every day and my hope is to know them all BY HEART by the end of the school year. #blackhistory @urbanintellectuals
HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to Gray — 12 YEARS of loving this amazing human — he continues to be one of my greatest teachers in life. Thank you @mollmc @roseandodin for throwing us a party!
This photo made me laugh so hard — while we were trying to get Gray to stick his head in the far left hole a kid we didn’t know stuck his face in ready for his picture lol. Then we ...
Soccer picture day! ⚽️📷
Sweet forest friends waiting for me when I got home.
A tunnel of green beans... I love this farm!
It’s Okay To Be Different! Snapped this in the hallway at Ivy’s school. 😍 (hers is in the center- love it!!!)
Ivy is living my childhood dream of SETTING UP THE BOOK FAIR. #books #wonderland
Our skylights freak me out sometimes because they look like a gigantic outlet for an enormous plug and giant things make me question my reality... things you see and think about when you lie on the floor because your back ...
🎂HAPPIEST 9TH BIRTHDAY🎂 to Ivy LaRue! How can it be nine years when she has been a part of me, the best parts of us, for eternity? It's a magical day to celebrate this light in our lives!
When is the last time you went for a swing on the park swings and looked up at the clouds with your head hanging back and then closed your eyes?
This is taken from my bed- we have one window open and normally I can fall asleep to the night sounds... whatever is out there is being extra extra tonight. #oregon #forestlife
I keep forgetting to tell you @aviandesignsbyamy but every time I wear your earrings someone asks me about them- twice now they've written down your Etsy shop name on a receipt lol -- especially when I wear the sage leafy ...
I forgot my phone at home for several hours while we went to a robotics picnic and it was an unexpected feeling of freedom, and so I borrowed Carter's phone to take this pic of the spectacular sun light. And ...
"We're captive on the carousel of time..." THIS happens. Babies grow. Then your face hurts from smiling and laughing. Carter Bear is going to be an excellent driver! I was like this parking lot driving is boring- let's get on ...
FIRST ⚽️SOCCER PRACTICE of 2017-2018 season 💪🏼 and it 🌧 FINALLY RAINED!!! ☔️🙌🏼 #soccermomsunite
FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 2017-2018 -- grades 11, 10, 6, and "3/4 blend"! Everyone had an awesome first day. Life is good in this moment.
Our sun has been so red and also the moon every night. It's unsettling. Smoke has replaced our blue skies, we are hurting for our beautiful state burning right now.
Bathtime for Theo 🛁 (and nail clipping night ✂️). We ❤️ our #hedgie #hedgehogsofinstagram #hedgehog
We had a school-starts-next-week dinner out tonight and came upon the Mystery Machine. "Is that the original one oh wait. It was a cartoon." School supplies are sorted, ready, and waiting. I'm going to miss these people (+ 1 not ...
The light was magical like a Wes Anderson film! So magnificent to share this experience with friends from afar - @mosey_kim from San Francisco and @roseandodin & @eyntium from Bandon! Back of camera shot from Nick's camera... so amazing to ...
Be sure to try the saltine cracker viewer!! #eclipse2017 #midvalleyeclipse #eclipse #corvallis we are in heaven right now... #oregon
It's beginning and it is awesome!!!!! 😎🌗#midvalleyeclipse #eclipse2017
Precourt Preclipse party happening now. #eclipse2017
Explorers. #eclipse weekend
Chocolate + coconut, BLUEBERRY GALAXY for the #totaleclipse, Summer peach + candied mint, Marionberry + rosemary 🍩✨🌑 #donuts #eclipse2017 #corvallis

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