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ask me some weird ass questions and ima answer them...yep. also the girl in the pic is now wifey. I don't see Ben stiller anywhere but she's about to meet the parents. #anime
I'm moving ;-;
idk why I posted that shit
even more shit
some more shit
I have so many friends
idk why I'm posting this #gta
that moment when me and @cometluciferfelia used to be family and now its just seperation
good morning everyone. #anime
yup and y'all mawfukas gotta pic one XD
that moment when a cute girl glomps you. #anime #glomp
herro there fellow vocaloids #len #anime
the first oc I ever made. I didn't make the picture but I made a bio, ill probably post it later #oc #anime
sorry its blurry
OK so IMA start a new thing called "my weird ass stories". basically I'm gonna post a pic but in the thing I'm typing right now I'm gonna type a story of my craziest,weirdest,creepiest,or akwardest rps I've ever done.
bananas and kaito *^*
they're selling my people! ;-; noooooooooo!
join teh banana army and together we shall take over the orange empire!
gm ga idgaf. I woke up late and now I'm kinda grumpy. anyway watsup peeps
sooo idk when Valentine's day is and if it ain't today I still wanna ask rin-chan if she'll be my valentine >~
um hey guys...sorry I hadn't been on. I've been having to deal with some stuff. so yeah...hopefully I'll be on more.

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