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We finally rode Tara's bike up the coast to Point Arena. 🏍🏆
New hole at @thiswilltaketime.
Oh hey @jennypostage! New product in the works @socialps 😍
That smell tho!
Print life. @socialps working a lot these past weeks. Heading north today tho for @jennypostage wedding! ✌️️✨
We got audited @socialps this year, but no sweat, u can still give the IRS paper documentation of your books when they come in. 🗂📒📚🗃 (thanks drew and team!)
If we did our jobs right, we'll have about 20,000 of these little cypress trees sprouting up in the next 2 months @thiswilltaketime.
From inside the new greenhouse. 👌
@socialps photoshoot
Self-help diagram.
@socialps push notifications... #dealwithit.
Everyday life.
Got up to some digging again this weekend. I have a good feeling about where this one is going. ⛏ @thiswilltaketime
Sorry, but yeah, @socialps has the best bday cakes! Happy latergram bday @animeshporwal!
Step-dad to be! @rogeliosegundo 😎
@socialps prints for @tinyatlasquarterly release party 😍 #mytinyatlassolas
Finally will complete this project on roof of @socialps
I'm reclaiming the woodshop over here so I can make stuff and continue learning when not in Point Arena. 🔨✨ (@sskyymann using your Miter saw feed table for the first time, ...
Greenhouse progress: Four walls plus a basic wooden foundation. Leveling up in skills with our first building. It's addictive, especially with @beachxbumx1234 ✨
Moon passes between earth and some kind of photo satellite observatory thing we put out pretty far in space.
A favorite of mine at this year's #wwwest @location.library installed his Library of Approximate Locations underground in Field A. Complete with an earth bench and relevant selection of books and essays. Great to spend time in such a distraction-free environment, ...
Wonderful work making magic with these three for #wwwest 2016 🔮. 😘 Sam, Liat, Tara, true collaborators, true music makers, movers, and shakers. 👏
Lunch for 35 in 2016 😜 #forecast @ #wwwest
@thiswilltaketime for #wwwest
Composting toilet V1 in place, and in use as of this morning @thiswilltaketime. 🚫🚽
New @socialps softcover photo books are nice.
The future is Kuipers. 😘 @adam_in_america

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