Summer Choate | @inspired_blonde

a day without laughter is a day wasted. #inspiredblondephotography
so maybe it started pouring down rain as soon as this picture was taken and so it didn't matter that I made her lay in the water. 😂
absolutely love this sweet girl. glad she let me do her senior pictures for her. We had a blast.
Sneak Peek of McKayla's senior pictures from yesterday! Glad we got to incorporate her beautiful mom into the shoot. #crystallized
vibes vibes vibes
so we went exploring today
[email protected]_kaycee//
fun day with KayCee 🤘🏼
shot of the day.
fun day out on the lake with babe.
this seemed appropriate with this beautiful weather we've been having. #ibp
this is adorable. one of my favorites. #inspiredblondephotography 💕❄️

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