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I'll never go down your road
I find my way on my own
I'll never follow your path
I'll make mine and I won't look back
When there's no radio, TV, phones, cars, social media or people as a distraction and you can make a proper cup of tea while watching the sun rise.

Photo: @dirkcollins
"We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love…and then we return home."
Thankfully the shadow in the fog is only @tgreszko and not whatever was making those really creepy grunts and growls last night... #lettheoutsidein
"How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn." - Dr. Seuss
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Something about the happiness in his eyes and that beautiful smile captivated me. Regardless of language and cultural barriers, a simple smile is the universal language of the world. ❤️
Sometimes I dream about the ocean.....but my heart belongs to the mountains.
PC: @dirkcollins
Summer stoke is high 🙌🏼 PC @dirkcollins
Miles & miles of smiles!! Photo: @dirkcollins
Last year I had the opportunity to work on an episode of @redbulltv Visions of Greatness with @jimmy_chin & an epic crew. The entire 7 episode series is now streaming on Red Bull TV - check it out!
"Oh my darling, it's true, beautiful things have dents & scratches too." PC: @dirkcollins
This photo was taken on my last flight with @harryjdyer 6 months ago. Soon after, Harry was in a horrific plane crash during an anti poaching patrol and fought hard for his life. This morning, I read that he is ...
Going UP?
PC: @dirkcollins
#lettheoutsidein #weliveskiing
~ spring in the Tetons ~

PC: @dirkcollins
#lettheoutsidein @stiomountain
Watching the clouds roll by...
"Underneath the chaos of everyday living, peace is patiently awaiting our discovery... Go within."
Long walks for the perfect spring corn.

PC: @dirkcollins
#lettheoutsidein #weliveskiing @stiomountain
Different day, different landscape.
Stompin' in my Air Force 1's
PC: @mtlancaster
Ski with unicorns. Swim with mermaids.

PC: @dirkcollins

#lettheoutsidein #weliveskiing @stiomountain
What dreams are made of…

Photo: @andrewstrain

#lettheoutsidein #weliveskiing #mystopover
Be crazy. Be weird. Be different. Be whatever you want to be. Because life is too short to be anything but happy.
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Spring has sprung making it couloir hunting season!
PC: @dirkcollins
#lettheoutsidein @stiomountain #weliveskiing
A year ago today, I witnessed the most horrific thing I've ever seen. We all watched as 105 tones of elephant tusk and 1.3 tones of rhino horn burned. Running around documenting this, there was no time for reality to ...
"I said to myself, Either you're going to talk about the way you want to live or you're going to live the way you want to live." PC: @dirkcollins
#lettheoutsidein @stiomountain
Sometimes you find special locations where you can feel the energy and sacredness around you - this is one of those magical places. ✨
That time of year when the running shoes start to make their appearance more often than the ski boots…

Photo: @dirkcollins
#lettheoutsidein @stiomountain
"Perhaps one of the reasons we’re so keen to deny non-human creatures minds, consciousness and personhood is that, if they’re people, they’re embarrassingly better people than we are. They build better communities; they live at peace with themselves and aren’t, ...
“To encounter the sacred is to be alive at the deepest center of human existence. Sacred places are the truest definitions of the earth; they stand for the earth immediately and forever; they are its flags and shields. If you ...

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