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Here it is: the worst argument in favor of the healthcare bill we’ve ever heard.
Furthermore, a robot has probably also taken his job
This is just unacceptable in every regard.
Because we're all so good at decision making.
Ivanka Trump may be giving lots of interviews, but she definitely isn’t saying much.
Get to it.
Just stay in the Middle East, dude.
Oh, look at that, nothing happend.
Bill Cosby’s publicist says their upcoming town hall meetings aren’t about sexual assault. You sure about that?
Count your blessings while you're still able to count.
Oh, we will, Donald.
Tough break, poor idiots.
What did you use to destroy the family computer?
This is like once a week now.
You're welcome!
Get it together, Mississippi.
Dennis Rodman is so upset about people getting mad about him going to North Korea that he breaks down and cries. (@brihaynie for CAFE)
Bill Cosby is going on tour to teach people how to avoid being accused of sexual assault. 2017 is worse than 2016. (@brihaynie for CAFE)
Maybe next time, Johnny.
CNN's sketch artist perfectly captured Sean Spicer's likeness. (@todddracula for CAFE)
President Trump praises the 2nd Amendment, then immediately demonstrates his world-class lack of self-awareness.
Why, that'd be like giving the job of president to someone unpresidential.
Do it!
Quick, build a space wall.
There's zero doubt.
We didn’t know it was possible for a five-year-old to have an existential crisis, but this adorable kid on Ellen pulled it off.
You owe your mother an apology for such vile liberal slander.

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