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Another one by @josefinejonssonphoto!
I love purple, colorful stuff makes me really happy in general^^
Body by @ladylucielatex, top harness by @happyendingscum, leg harness by @zef_2_death 💜
By 🕊
Good morning from your hard working queer taxidermy apprentice/sex worker activist/model/general hustler!👋 #tooqueertobehere
Love these by @josefinejonssonphoto 💜
Will be posting all of them for my Patreons to get a sneak peek on😜
Latex by @ladylucielatex, top harness by @happyendingscum and bottom harness by @zef_2_death
Support your local band!
#satansterrorpatrol #spotify
Photo by @thehappycreative
My flirty face, or somethin..
Baby Calamity! 🔫😘
From last Saturday with @josefinejonssonphoto 💐
Corset by Morgana Femme Couture.
Me and the ex, shot by @josefinejonssonphoto a year ago!
We're gonna ride eternal, shiny and chrome🔥💥💣
@elegyellem and I by @jen_hell

#madmax #furyroad #shinyandchrome #witneeeeess
I need some McFeasting in Valhallaaa!!🔥💥💣 Photo by @jen_hell

#shinyandchrome #mcfeasting #witness #witnessme #madmax #furyroad
Slept for 10 hrs, woke up by the alarm and now back in bed bc sooo tired..😧😴😫
Idag kommer @ungvanster upprätta en blockad utanför strippklubben Wandas i Göteborg, gå dit och visa ditt stöd för dansöserna!
Ung Vänster har uttryckt att arbetarnas inkomstbortfall inte spelar någon roll, ett extremt ignorant privvat uttalande som folk verkar tycka är ...
Bts from todays shoot with @josefinejonssonphoto!
Fab corset by Morgana Femme Couture, custom antlers by me/
🌴🎵Write to me and escape🎵🌴 Photo by
Another one by @josefinejonssonphoto 😜
Love this lingerie set!
I love translucent latex! Dress by @blacklickorish, photo by @travishaight

#translucentlatex #sheer #latexmodel #fetishmodel #blacklickorishlatex #calamityamelie
Desparate for a last minute trip to the sunshine..
Photo by J Gyllenborg
A little tbt from 7 years ago when I decided to experiment with shaving my head. My dad threatened to fire me from work if I proceeded with shaving it, but he chose to never even comment on it. And ...
Oldie by @sthlmreddiary!
September is not a good month for me, it's the beginning of 8 months of cold darkness and lack of proper sunshine. It's probably funny for some people how others talk so much about weather, but if you have predictable ...
Public announcement:

This means ALL sex workers, not just the ones who confirm your stereotype.
📣listen to street based sex workers!
📣listen to drug using sex workers!
📣listen to trans sex workers of color!
📣listen to ...
Per usual after working 752 hrs I get a cold/sore throat when my body finally relaxes😧 need a break from life. Zzz
Some porky royale burlesque by @pepperpotemkin 👌🐽🥓!!
Today I'm saying goodbye to 3 good years sharing space with @porkyroyaletattoo😢 Come buy the last of my taxidermy before I start my internship, or just have a beer and some food while watching @pepperpotemkin perform some saucy burlesque acts ...
By @travishaight, wearing @blacklickorish latex.
@porkypete did some touch ups on my hyena b4 @porkyroyaletattoo closes on Friday! Rip.
Missing @elegyellem, can't understand why she'd move up north where winter's coming in August!
Sign up to my Patreon and get to see this set in just a few days along with more good stuff 😜

Photo by @tmronin

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