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Dear Shake Shack,
Thank you for existing and for bringing back the Christmas Cookie shake.
New Kellogg's Unicorn Cereal will hit shelves in March! These look like a mash-up of the Unicorn Froot Loops out in Europe and the limited edition Birthday Cake Froot Loops out in Canada. Hopefully Magic Cupcake uses a different flavor ...
New Sour Patch Kids Go-Gurt in Blue Raspberry and Redberry flavors will be out soon! Actually, there's a chance it's out now at Giant/Stop & Shop. Comment below if you've found them!
New Reptar Cereal and Reptar bars are out at FYE! Time to get my Rugrats nostalgia on, once I remember to buy milk... Reviews to come soon!
Post, the makers of Oreo O's, are teaming up with Mondelez again to release two new cookie cereals! Nutter Butter and Chips Ahoy! cereal will be released at Walmart on December 26 and on their website early, on December 22. ...
New Birthday Cake and Cookies 'n' Creme Rice Krisipies Treats will hit shelves in January!
New Nature Valley Filled granola bars will be out early next year! This is basically what would happen if Kellogg's expanded the Nutri-Grain line to include peanut butter. 😋
Peeps Oreos will be back for 2018. This time the cookies are chocolate, and the filling is purple. Hopefully this means there's less red #3, which made last year's pink cream incredibly bitter.
Actually... (all aboard the train of thought)... ...
New Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos are also coming out on January 1. This means you can buy both and swap the cookies to have chocolate hazelnut with chocolate cookies and these monstrosities (ok, I haven't tried them yet, but ...
Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos are hitting shelves on January 1!
New Girl Scout Cookie Yoplait yogurt will be out this month!
Oreo announced the three finalists for the #myoreocreation contest! Piña Colada, Cherry Cola, and Kettle Corn will hit shelves in May 2018!
New Jolly Rancher Sour Surge candies will be out soon! They have a hard candy shell filled with sour powder and come in four flavors: cherry, green apple, watermelon, and blue raspberry.
New M&M's Minis ice cream bars should be out this month!
We live in a time where you can dip your Hot Cocoa Oreos into Oreo Hot Cocoa. 😍
New Milky Way Fudge bars will be out in the spring! The bar contains fudge nougat, caramel, and chocolate. It will be out both in share size bars and bags of minis.
Happy National Brownie Day! I'm regretfully celebrating with this really old Mars Brownie bar from Australia. This bar is over two years old, is as hard as a rock, and doesn't taste very good. If you are interested in fresher ...
Trader Joe's Jingle Jangle ice cream is back for the winter! One problem: It's not as good as it sounds. The ice cream base doesn't have a flavor. It's not vanilla, it's not sweet cream, it's just "ice cream." Do ...
More new Oreos! On January 21, Winter Olympic themed Oreos will be released in the US!
This one's for the Australians! New Caramel Twirl bars will be out down under very soon! If you haven't tried (or heard of) a Twirl bar, it's folded chocolate covered in chocolate.
TBT: Reese's Bites! These were among a range of Hershey's candies turned bite size. Sadly, the entire line was discontinued in 2008, apparently because they were deemed a choking hazard.
New Chocolate Frosted Flakes are out now! If you're wondering, "Hey, haven't I seen these before?" You're right! Frosted Flakes Choco Zucaritas have been out for a while in the US. The formulas are a bit different; the Zucaritas have ...
Here are the last two of the 10 new Coffee-Mate creamers that will be out soon! The Natural Bliss line will be extended to include two honey varieties: Honey Cream and Honey Pecan.
Project 7 has a quartet of alcohol-insprired gummies out at Target for the holidays! Flavors include Moscow Mule, Champagne Dreams, Apple Cinnamon Manhattan, and Old Fashioned. While they are all delicious, the Apple Cinnamon Manhattan flavor is my favorite. I'm ...
New Tropical Swedish Fish will be out soon!
Even more new Coffee-Mate creamers will hit refrigerated shelves soon! The new Artisan Café line will include Belgian Milk Chocolate, Himalayan Salted Caramel, and Tahitian Vanilla. No word on what makes them "artisan" other than including a location in the ...
New Christmas Tree Frappuccinos will be out this Thursday, December 7th through the 11th! They feature a peppermint mocha creme base, matcha whipped cream, a caramel drizzle, and cranberry sugar.
New International Delight yogurt is out now! There are four flavors based off their coffee creamers: Cinnabon, Southern Butter Pecan, Caramel Macchiato, and French Vanilla. Look at all that cinnamon goodness in that Cinnabon variety. So far they've been spotted ...
New Gingerbread Krispy Kreme donuts will be out December 12 only for National Gingerbread House Day! The dough is spiced gingerbread flavor, and the glaze is gingerbread molasses. These will be out both in the US and Canada.
Coffee-Mate is going all out with the new flavors. In addition to the Cheesecake Factory flavors, they will also release new Coconut Caramel Latte, Cookies & Cream, and Toasted Marshmallow Mocha!

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