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@annievd_ snapped this shot of me this morning just before I hurled myself into the abyss. Farewell, everyone. 👋🏻❤️✌🏻 -Christopher
No filter needed, 'cause we have #thebesthues
📷: @danasalo
Happy International Women's Day. ❤ Many thanks to all of the wonderful women in the world for all of the wondrous things that you do.
Don't worry; I'm doing okay and everything went well, I just thought I would share this humorous photo with you all. 🤤
Today's face.
"All I wanted to be was one of your children" #circasurvive #onlettinggo
"What stranger miracles are there?"
📷: @thelostcompanion_
I don't even know what to say anymore, so here's another lighthouse.
Yet another angle of this fine ass honey.
Closed on my new house today. Move in day is tomorrow. Pizza and beer for anyone who would like to help. #justkidding #notmyhouse
Give it to me.
I don't even know what to say.
Tallest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast at 93 feet, Yaquina Head Light was used as the setting for the Moesko Island Lighthouse in the film The Ring. It's also one of only two lighthouses still in operation along Oregon's coastline.
Sorry not sorry for all of the lighthouse photos that I'll be posting for the next week or two.
I will never tire of this view.
Very excited to get to show the lovely @thelostcompanion_ around more of my favourite places.
Thanks to @brooke10muller for this shot of me at @pickledfishrestaurant last night, and thanks to @tattooedsailor for letting me play!
It's official, I am the Beer Guy at @buoybeer. 🍻

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