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Ich werd diesen Account nicht weiterführen. Es hat nicht mehr viel von dem, was er mal war, sondern ist eher ziemlich sinnlos geworden. Wer möchte kann meinem Privat-Account @kleepics folgen.
Für alles andere ist jetzt @kopfvollgedanken , mein altes backup ...
Cuddling with a parrot ❤😍
Mr. Chaos Rosario❤

War superschön @coldness_in_my_soul 😍
The beauty was motivated ❤c:
Dieser Platz❤
After one year without drivin together AAAAH 😍😆
Maybe I can make you smile today
Hab dich lieb. Wir schaffen das irgendwie alles. Wir müssen einfach.
Need more sunny days to stay happy in winter🌞
Yo, mich gibts auch noch.. schaffe es leider einfach nicht mehr, mich regelmäßig zu melden, zu viel passiert momentan.
Ich habe das Gefühl mein Kopf explodiert. Der Tag ist gefüllt mit Terminen, Schule und meinem Pferd oder Freunden. Ich habe ...
"Sag mir, vermisst du mich nicht auch?"
Wenn etwas in meinem Kopf ist, dann bist du es. Kein Gedanke bleibt fern von dir.

Ich bin verdammt nochmal nicht glücklich.
Merry Christmas ❤🎅👼
After two years. Nice.
I'm single bitch
Everything goes wrong the last weeks.
Aggressive as fuck.
Punched against my wall but I'm to weak to make it worse ._.
Alles is kaaacke, fickt euch alleee 😊👌
I'm scaring me.
Just wanna cut smoke n sleep 😟
Es tut mir so leid.
There's something. .

Have no time to stay active and I'm sorry for those people who miss me here (so happy they still exist)
The last weeks so much changed and I'm not sure what to do. My thoughts are ...
When you're high af and there's a huge planet consisting of clouds.
Wow :o :D (You see it? 😉)
What makes me happy
Love the sound of rain.
When someone has finished his drug tests 🍁❤ #highlife
Ich habe mich eingesperrt, in etwas, was mir missfällt. Ich lebe jeden Tag gleich und mehr und mehr hinterfrage ich, ob es mir gut tut. Ich habe zu lange nichts gesagt und es jetzt zu erzählen wäre eine erschütterung, die ...
The last weeks I wasn't very active and I'm really sorry about it. .
But I had so much stress at home and my thoughts shouted loudly and made me crazy .-. After 2 years my therapy is over now ...
Don't tell me you're afraid of water! ❤😊
The worst photo quality ever but it means the world to me. We had so much fun yesterday and for the first time she went into the creek which is normally the scariest thing she knows *o*
She gives me ...
Looooveeee 😍😍
For the first time we rode alone and I'm so glad we made it 😊😊
(The sheeps are still scary but I can handle her :D)
It makes me so happy that I have her and I will never let ...
Omg no clouds and it's warm\^-^/🎉
You didn't hear something from me the last days so I just give an update ^^ The weather is terrible. I really love rainy days but what the fuck is wrong it rains since two weeks?!
The next days I ...
Omfg look what I got today ❤_❤
A few weeks ago I wrote a girl on Facebook (MP 2.0 for the win ;P) and asked her if she could draw Naomi and oh damn it became such an amazing drawing!! ...
Loooveeee 💕😍
Someone who have an idea what I can do for my boyfriends 21. birthday? I don't know aaargh -.-
Had a school appointment today. Feel like shit hahahaha my whole life is pathetic 😂😂
I have to go to school every day and I think I will.
I have no other chances lol.

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