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Food blogger Chaya Rappoport of @retrolillies presents a showstopping honey cake, filled with a rich, whiskey whipped cream and topped with holiday fruits. Click the link in our bio for the full recipe!
The Yom Tov Recipe Series is brought ...
"RISING! The Book of Challah" by Rochie Pinson is an amazing new read with 38 challah recipes, 37(!) different braiding techniques and musings on challah as a recipe for an elevated life
A child visiting the Ohel before Rosh Hashana reaches out to a photo of the Rebbe #collivepicoftheday
Must Watch: Singers Eli Marcus, מנדי ג'רופי Mendi Jerufi and Chony Milecki perform a stunning and moving song for the High Holidays
Produced by Davidi Crombie @elimarcusmusic @davidicro @mjerufi @chony_milecki
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The Yom Tov Recipe Series is brought to you by community news service and Kettle & Cord, a home essentials store in Crown Heights.
This week: Pomegranate Sorbet Float
Food blogger Chaya Rappoport of presents a fun and easy, ...
Students of Rohr Bais Chaya Academy in Coral Springs, Florida, have been hard at work preparing and packing hundreds of meals for people still without power after Hurricane Irma
Mazel Tov to Levi Farkash (Bellevue, Washington) and Mina New (Atlanta, GA) on their engagement #collivemazeltov #colliveengagement
Mazel Tov to Leah Leitner (Monsey, NY) and Shmuli Levinson (London, England) on their engagement #collivemazeltov #colliveengagement
Shluchim and volunteers at Chabad of SW Broward in Florida have been assisting elderly residents who are without power or homebound after Hurricane Irma *click the link in our bio for the full story*
The mashbak Rabbi Meir Harlig donated a dollar from the Rebbe to a Chabad summer camp, click the link in our bio to read the story of how a young Shliach ended up winning it!
100 college students from through Israel who have spent the last year learning Chassidus in preparation for their trip have begun a tour in the US with a stop in New York, visiting Crown Heights and the Rebbe's Ohel in ...
We will never forget
New York City, 2017
Photo: @shimikutner
Ede Fox, Democratic candidate for City Council for Crown Heights, went to visit the Rebbe’s Ohel on the eve of the primary election.
Machon L’Yahadus Women's Yeshiva in Crown Heights, directed by Rabbi Shloma Majeski, has begun a new school year with 40 students! Click the link in our bio to read about the start of the new year
A Jewish man's cardboard sign near Times Square asked for prayers. Lubavitch bochurim responded accordingly with Tefillin #collivepicoftheday
Students (and their parents) were all smiles on Wednesday as the new school year began at Bais Rivka in Crown Heights
New Hampshire Chabad welcomed a record number of tourists to the White Mountains this summer, providing Kosher food and prayer services. Click the link in our bio to read the full story
This week Gitty Rappoport takes your grandmother's favorite dish - Buckwheat Kasha - and gives it a modern twist with mushrooms and facon. Click the link in our bio for the full recipe! (A project by Collive and @kettleandcord)
Although our community is invited to many weddings, some more memorable than others, noone will soon forget the wedding of Chaim Goldman and Tamar Schlanger #collivemazeltov click the link in our bio to read all about Chaim and Tamar's sparkling ...
While visiting the highest mountain in North Wales, Shneur Zalman Kaye met Phil Brown, a grandchild of Holocaust survivors, who emotionally put on Tefillin and heard the shofar #collivepicoftheday
Gitty Rappoport is the presenter of a Tishrei recipe series brought to you by COLlive and @kettleandcord . This week: White Truffle Cauliflower Soup! Click the link in our bio for the full recipe
MIRACLE: Niv Nehemia, who was stabbed 15 times by an Arab terrorist in a supermarket, was released from the hospital, after making a miraculous recovery! Click the link in our bio to read the full story
60 bochurim from polish and litvish yeshivos spent 11 summer days in Kfar Chabad learning and practicing Chassidus Chabad. **Click the link in our bio to read the full story**
NYPD's 71st precinct captain Norman Grandstaff was promoted to Inspector and thanked by Crown Heights locals
#collivepicoftheday: Rabbi Yosef Langer doing a "sound check for shofar blowing" in preparation for Jewish Heritage Night at AT&T Park stadium in San Francisco
Mazel Tov to Hendel Futerfas (Crown Heights) and Sari Paltiel (Melbourne, Australia) on their engagement #collivemazeltov #colliveengagement
#collivepicoftheday: Monday 2:44 PM in Brooklyn, NY- A COLlive reader snapped this photo of the solar eclipse seen above 770 Eastern Parkway.
Filmmaker Meir Kalmanson joined for one of the most emotional and inspirational flights from New York: 233 people making the move to Israel. Click the link in our bio to watch the full video
30 Shluchim from Philadelphia and board members of Beis Rivkah celebrated the 80th birthday of Head Shliach Rabbi Avraham Shemtov at Camp Gan Israel of New York #collivepicoftheday
Who is right?
A young woman refuses bus owner's request to sit in the back of the bus on frum Jewish bus service from NY to Montreal

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