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Prince William and Duchess Kate met Mussy Tiechtel, daughter of the Shluchim in Berlin, during a royal visit on Wednesday
With the help of a Chabad Rabbi, 96-year-old Max Gergel achieved a milestone before passing: Celebrating his Bar Mitzvah.

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At a ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Vel d'Hiv deportations Rabbi Levi Matusof presented French President Emmanuel Macron with a book of the Rebbe's inspirational insights
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#collivepicoftheday: Rabbi Yisroel Levertov welcomes R' Michel Raskin to Yeshivas Kayitz in Kingston, NY, where his grandchildren are spending the summer.
Mom of 5 Chanie Apfelbaum came up with a simple, clever idea to notify others that her son has severe allergies: an “allergy alert” kippah

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Chabad took an elite camp site at the shore of the Black Sea in Ukraine and invited 150 Jewish girls from all backgrounds to stay there. Click the link in our bio to read all about the exciting camp!
Thousands filled a historic theater in Miami to mark Jerusalem reunification with star singers Gad Elbaz and Shuky! 🎤🎶 Click the link in our bio to see the full gallery
at the grand Sheva Brachos celebration of Menachem Mendel and Chana Tzivia Lazar, when the groom’s father, Rabbi Berl Lazar, announced the start of a special new initiative: The Tefillin Bank.

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Camp Emunah inaugurated two new bunkhouses on Sunday, honoring businessman Shaya Gordon for spearheading the fundraising efforts.

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Shluchim on Campus gathered for their annual Kinus, with accommodations and activities for the entire family, including Shluchim, Shluchos, and children of all ages.

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Five students from the Lauder Business School were joined by their families from across Europe for a Bar Mitzvah celebration! 🎉
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Mazel Tov to Menachem Yisroel Schonbuch (Crown Heights) and Malky Feigenson (Bas R' Yossi - Crown Heights) on their engagement #collivemazeltov #colliveengagement
This young man came to the Kotel as part of the Chabad Mayanot Birthright trip and davened there. He then saw the Chassidic superstar singer אברהם פריד Avraham Fried and asked him to take a selfie together.
"Let's move to ...
Nine years after he lost his parents and home in a horrifying terror attack in Mumbai, Moishy Holtzberg was embraced by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Click the link in our bio to read the full story!
Mazel Tov to Miriam Grumberg (Crown Heights, NY) and Akiva Shimon (Miami, FL) on their engagement #collivemazeltov #colliveengagement ***Don't forget to like COLlive's Mazel Tov page on Facebook for all the latest Mazel Tovs and Simcha galleries in Lubavitch! Link ...
#collivepicoftheday Counselors at Camp Gan Israel of Los Angeles Shmuli Hess, Akiva Eleff and Mendy Segelman help a fellow Jew wrap Tefillin while at an amusement park
Long Island Shliach Rabbi Anchelle Perl was seen rappelling down a 170-foot Tower in Garden City, NY. He did it to make a point. Click the link in our bio to read why!
4-year-old Sophie Levitin, who was in a drowning accident last week, has thank G-d made a miraculous recovery. Please continue to say Tehillim for Tzophia Bella Bas Devorah Esther for a full and complete recovery
On Tuesday night Crown Heights parents waved goodbye as their children packed on to buses traveling to Montreal where the boys will enjoy an exciting summer at Camp Gan Israel in the mountains! 🚌Click the link in our bio to ...
"Attended the annual inspiring memorial in memory of my childhood friend, Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson. It was such an honor to have the opportunity to talk to the Rebbe when I was a child. I love seeing the Crown Heights ...
Russia's Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar introduces billionaire German Zakharyayev to the Rebbe's choizer Rabbi Yoel Kahn at the Ohel #collivepicoftheday
The Crown Heights neighborhood is buzzing with activity as many visit New York for Gimmel Tammuz. Click the link in our bio to check out the full gallery!
The Levy family, together with the Besht Center of Crown Heights, welcomed a new Torah Sunday in memory of Chayala Levy OBM. Click the link in our bio to see the full gallery
Cheder Menachem of New Jersey students worked together to build a Beis HaMikdash out of 70,000 Lego bricks, bringing to life how our work virtually builds the Beis HaMikdash
Mazel Tov to Mendy Reichman (ben R' Leizer - Rabat Aviv, Israel) and Mushky Lerman (bas R' Menachem - Crown Heights) on their engagement #collivemazeltov #colliveengagement
#theavnerinstitute presents a photo of the Rebbe returning to 770 on the way home from the Ohel in the early 1960s.
Mazel Tov to Mendy Wolosow (Sharon, MA) and Itty Fellig (Miami Beach, FL) on their engagement #colliveengagement #collivemazeltov
Chabad Shliach Levi Banon personally helped to deliver food aid to needy Muslim families in Morrocco for Ramadan. Click the link in our bio to read the full story
#collivepicoftheday: Popular singer Eli Marcus was seen taking time out from his successful music career to learn in 770's Main Shul
The chairs lining the Lubavitch Yeshiva hall were filled with anxious family members and supporters, as the closing pitches were given for the inaugural CHYE and COLlive Elevator Pitch Challenge, and after a grueling two hours of pitches, questions and ...

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