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Fun fact: it took 1000 elephants to move the materials used in building the Taj Mahal! 🐘 Another fun fact: Pretty Little India will come out next week!
Can't decide if I'm using enough color yet in this India design...😂
I got a big stack of yummy new linen for my birthday! Just what I need to start getting Fall and Christmas designs ready... 😏
Taj excuse to use hot pink's kinda crazy that it's taken me this long to do it. Pretty Little India will be the next city (well, country 😉) pattern! 🐘🐘
Taurus is the most attractive and intelligent sign in the zodiac. People born under this sign have no bad qualities, and their strengths are too numerous to mention here. Everyone has a Taurean best friend, because they are everyone's favorite ...
There's probably some very zen lesson here about learning to find the beauty in your mistakes etc...but I ain't trying to hear that right now. I hate frogging. 😫
"O let me bathe my soul in colors; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow." - Kahlil Gibran
How now, blue cow? 🐮
Prediction: someday your grandkids will be dividing up the family Christmas decorations and there will be a big fight over who gets this amazing hanging you made. 🎄 Deck the Halls pattern is in the shop now! 🎄It's such a ...
Pulling out xmas decorations in April is always amusing. The modern folk Christmas project is coming out tomorrow! 🎄
A rare glimpse at my sketches...✏️ Every new design starts with dozens of thumbnails and drawings...not to mention all the cups of coffee! ☕️ 😳
Almost there...⭐️
Totally adora-bell. 🔔😂
Spring, Los Angeles-style 🌺💖🌸❤️
😺 Happy #caturday! 😺
Well, look who charged right up the mountain and probably got to the top before the rest of us even got out of's Aries! You're determined and full of energy (and impatient with anyone who isn't) but no one ...
Look, Christmas is happening again this year and no we aren't ready to think about it yet but then suddenly it's going to be November and you won't have any Christmas projects even started and you'll think "Jody was right, ...
Spending my Saturday stitching and binging on S-Town...congrats @stownpodcast, it's amazing! 👏
CAT FOUND: Blue. Wandered into my Spring sampler, even though it was supposed to be all birds and flowers. Seems happy so I guess he's staying. 😸 Oh, and one day left of the Spring sale...15% off with code HELLOSPRING ...
🌿My new Spring Sampler: Primavera! 🌱 Pattern is in the shop now, and there's a sale too! Use code HELLOSPRING and get 15% off your entire order, March 28-29th. 💚 💙
Prepping pretty pattern props. Say that three times fast! New Spring sampler coming out tomorrow! 👏
🌿🦋🌞Happy Sunday! 🌞🦋🌿
I broke my phone (😭) and upgraded to the new I'm spending way too much time playing with the new camera! Expect lots of artsy depth effect shots for a couple weeks! 🤓📱 Oh and the spring sampler is ...
Swipe for the back side! 👉
It's a long weekend at the beach...have whatever you want! 🏖
♓️ Hey Pisces, you crazy romantic dreamer! You're sensitive and intuitive (some might even say psychic?) but maybe a little scatterbrained at times too. Famous Pisceans include Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Dr Seuss. Now we know where the whole ...
Pisces is done! Now to decide which fish is on top so I can frame it...🤔...🐠...🐠 New sign will be in the shop tomorrow!

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