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You’ll gloat too
#bae #twoweeks
We make money moves
#takeaknee #fifthwheel
Why I wouldn't date myself...
New video! Link in my bio
#zoe #ad #onlinedating
Watching you. Watching me.
#jordwatch #woodwatch #ad #luxurywatch #watchgiveaway
Are you Australian?
Because you meet all of my koala fications.
#tbt to my road trip from NYC to LA with @alexxxvegaaa almost 7 years ago.
Producing the Teen Choice Awards live 180 pre-show was one of the coolest things I've been able to do at work.
If you haven't seen it in VR then you are missing out! It's on fox's YouTube channel and the ...
Turns out, I can't fly.
Can't wait for the next adventure
And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything, grab 'em by the pussy.
I love my fans ❤️
Jaco-bout an amazing wedding!
So happy to celebrate the love between two of my favorite humans @alexxxvegaaa and @maryctully. #alexgettingmaryed
The wedding ceremony was beautiful #alexgettingmaryed #costarica
Had a great time hosting the red carpet for @pedalonthepier today! Thanks to the Harold Robinson foundation for working so hard to send underprivileged kids to camp! @lakergirls #wespinkidswin
What do you call it when a cowboy hits on a lesbian?

Mother's Day with the brother
Made a Coachella makeup tutorial for neewbs. You're welcome. #crocella
So Jesus died, came back to life, then told people to eat flesh and drink blood.
Was Jesus the original zombie or vampire? Discuss.
How does an asthmatic lesbian breathe?

In snatches
Just changed my Facebook name to 'No one' so when I see stupid posts I can click like and it will say 'No one likes this'

New video! Link in my bio. 10 fake dollars to anyone who watches it!
Went camping last weekend and I'm already ready to go back.
@blyhasinstagram @buttoncake @lisahallingmusic kan-jam rematch?
Visited Jurassic park with @brennasteiner
#sparednoexpense #malibu #privatebeach
Did you forget to get your person a valentines card? Don't worry! I got you. Check my story for more options ❤
Stay woke.
Unless you're sleeping.
Then stay sleep.
Watch giveaway! HTTPS://
My watch: zebrawood and champagne

Giveaway end date: 2/5/2017
Grand prize: $140 store credit + free shipping + free sizing
Available internationally

15% off code: CROCE
Giving you the blues
Had to go to the eye doctor the other day. Guess who I bumped into!

Women's March LA #womensmarchlosangeles
Bow tie? More like Bro Tie.
Getting fly af for my next video and obvs no outfit is complete without @danielwellington.
#stud #ad #danielwellington #dwclassicblack #obsessed
I starred in this ridiculously beautiful and artistic visual album by @yasmindaballarinda that you all need to check out! Link is in my bio 😘
#bedroomeyes #casanova

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