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Link in desc, diversal available on all major streaming platforms but free downloads forever 2
Some of our biggest and best work bout to be dropped in the next few months, stay frostyyy
New Diversal Always 🎧🎧
Mission #643 recording all month, RUN WHILE YA CAN tomorrow, DIVERSAL - DONT COME CRAWLING BACK (featuring. Famous Addonis) prod cat soup out now #legoset #diversal
Most my music is free to download but if you want to support DISMAY is now available on iTunes / Spotify etc https://itun.es/au/xPPkib ( Delusion Kills Creativity soon)
old mate diversal here catching a train to degenerate world have a lovely day say hi to the kids for me
Not sure why the person who uploaded this chose 2 use columbine as the cover but if the shoe fits wear it I guess. Thank u for 15k on sc ✨youtu.be/x1GDjAd3UqA @blckgoku @thebeamons
Review for #diversal - dismay x kamiyada x beamon x bill $aber by vk.com/limbmagazine (translated from Russian) 'We do not know how it happened, but what happened, happened. Diversal, Kamiyada with Bill $aber and inimitable Beamon on one song.

Recognition ...
Why my garden look like a crystal castles album cover #diversal
Prick your finger it is done, the moon has now eclipsed the sun. Angel has spread it's wings, the time has come for bitter things.. #diversal
Many walk into our sanctuary Most do not walk out the same. #diversal

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