Matt | @dnotive

Do you think they missed me? 😘
Am I doing this right? 😜
Taking a break from desk-building to hit the lake. 🚤
Phase 2
The future studio site. 🙏 It's almost a basement again. (Starring: the DX7 and Alpha Juno 2, guest appearance by the JP-08)
The calm before the storm.
Sketches for the new studio design.
Good as new. 😎 #yamaha #synth #dx7
Time for surgery.
Am I doing this right? I-Is this... Aesthetic?
I feel like kind of a pretentious shithead today between my Starbucks and MacBook Pro. At least I'm making this look good?
@michaeloakleysynthwave playing at Club Jager in Minneapolis.
Band Practice. Night 2. 🔥🔥🔥#synthwave #80s #darkwave
First run through of "Red Light Syndrome" with the guys last night.
The beginning of a new era. (Yes those are real Simmons e-drums)
Minneapolis looks like Silent Hill right now.
Snowblowers are great. 😏
Circuit bent monstrosity. #casio #circuitbending #sk1
New thing.
Back to basics tonight.
"Place Animal in Microwave." Hmm.
Good morning.
Late night lake bullshit. 😘
Had so much fun rocking Baltimore! Some great action shots followed my set too, haha.
Two boats. One fleet. #piratesoflakeowasso

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