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Omg thank you @duhitzmark for retweeting and liking my tweet and it is true everyone throws shade to u and people should just leave u alone
Just dm a pic of u and who u would want to to ship or dip u with and there can be multiple people
I have notifications on. I had them on since day one #markto1million #sweatshirt #duhitzmark #duhitzmark
Omg @duhitzmark read my messesge on kik (not giving his kik out #duhitzmark #markto1million
Omfg @duhitzmark liked my pick and didn't even know until now ❤️😂😍😭💖 #duhitzmark @duhitzmark
#markto1million #markto1million @duhitzmark #markto1million #markto1million please help him to 1 million followers 😍❤️💘😘🙈💖💜💚💙 // he liked @duhitzmark ❤️
Go help @duhitzmark get back to where he was he is not hacked anymore go follow me at @duhitzmark 😍😘💜💘💙💚❤️ #prayformark @duhitzmark

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