j.r. Eisenpress | @eisenpress

Some people need to unwind, and not protest for a day
Ok gang , broiled chicken and broccoli with .... ( which one ? )
My partner backed into this snow mound , gave me the idea of this meme !!!
Happy Hump day !!!! Wait , it's only Monday ..
Some people who think they're fooling you , are the ones that are showing everyone how foolish they are.
The 1970 ambulance , wow this is awesome thank you Kerry !!
Very nice to meet Kara in person
Focus girl !! LoL !!
I wonder if this thing drives like an ambulance ....... Hmm. Anyone looking ??.......
She's still behind you Andy !!
Andy and I having a good time !
Met up Kara !!! She's as beautiful in person !
About time !!!!!
Ok set till Monday !!!
When you think you're " CHILLY "
Hey !! Wake up !!
Have a Happy Happy be safe !!
The ONE time every 4 months is coming up !!!!
Love my Family !!

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