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Completed tube assemblies waiting for assembly. Lots of progress lately. Stay tuned folks.. #eltonbishop #digitalhydraulic #dhtm475
What better way to embrace summer than with a new batch of V1 pedals finished off in these bright fire colors? These babies are hot off the assembly line, and come with hose barbs, oxy bypass and 2 year warranty ...
Been getting some questions about the differences between the V1 on/off pedal and the R1 Universal pedal, so here is a quick video explaining and differences of each.
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Officially my new favorite V1 color: a dreamy shade of sky blue.
If you're dreaming of finally stepping up to pedal control to up your game, your prodo, save gasses, etc, contact me and we'll make your dreams come true!

Just a little shape shiftable mechanical sculpture i created.. #mechanical #kinetic #sculpture #eltonbishop #balance #blackandwhite
So, what's your favorite color? Here's a recent custom V1.2 in safety red, with B fittings. What color would you like your V1?

#footpedal #handsfree #gaspedal #eltonbishop #glasspedal
R1 Universal pedal dressed and ready to go for hands-free torch control. Adapters are available for new and old style gtt's and new and old style carlisles. Must be used in conjunction with on/off pedal. The first 10 are available. ...
Recent special double V1 pedal dressed in flat black and brass. Be it special colors, special options or configurations, we'll hook you up with a pedal custom tailored to your needs.

#footpedal #gaspedal #handsfree #eltonbishop
Fyi, grip tape is optional on the V1.2 for just 5 bucks extra. You know, so your foot doesn't slip off!
Did you know? Bishop V1.2 pedals are available with B fittings.
Bishop V1.2 ON/OFF pedals are available for $250 + $20 s&h. They come standard with oxy bp & 2 yr warranty. Works with any two stage torch with 4 studs. Go to eltonbishop.com for more info.
Anyone care for hands free torch control? The R1 Universal pedal is available for new and old style gtt's, as well as new and old carlisles ;) #universalpedal #glasspedal #pedal #gaspedal #eltonbishop
This is inside the enormous warehouse all the steel for the pedals comes from. Makes acquiring raw materials a real adventure!
Bishop V1.2 pedals.

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