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Hound on a hike!
I love dogs.
Where’s Sheila?
The butter to my bread, the breath to my life, happy birthday my darling Jordan.
Bonus weekend day!
✨ My favorite spot with my favorite person ✨
Women's March 2018 ❤️✊🏽
Is there anything better? 💞
Morning in Hakone ❄️☀️❄️
👋🏼 Kyoto!
Kyoto, we dig your vibe. And also your meticulously maintained bars with an enviable assortment of tiny glassware.
Fushimi Inari Shrine with a sprinkling of snow. ❄️⛩✨⛩❄️
A selection of very fine things you might eat in Osaka if you are enterprising and walk swiftly between meals: generously-portioned sushi, otoro, clam soup, winter mix tempura, grilled scallop, okonomiyaki, tonkotsu ramen. 🎉
New Year's Day visit to the Shitennoji Shrine.
Osaka! Chose the restaurant with the grumpiest mascot, ate many fried things on sticks, and finished the night off with a perfect bunch of grapes. 🍢🍇🍻
Staying at James Turrell's House of Light, and there is 6 feet of snow, and it's magical. ✨❄️✨
✨Shinjuku at night ✨
Made it to Tokyo. Found the snacks.
Majestic beasts.
I said I wanted a puppy for Christmas. I get the same one every year. ❤️
Three hounds, two dweebs making jokes about dead people's stuff, one turkey. It's a wrap, people.
Badass women of history + an ice cream cone🍦+ a hot dog 🌭= 👯👯🎃👻
Post breakfast burrito nap
Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary to my Nonnie and Papa! Jordan and I hope to copy as many pages from your book as we can. ❤️
Holy heat wave. ☀️🔥☀️
It was sunny in San Francisco and I had two dogs in my lap. Good day with my @seesawlearning crew. 💞
Turns out it's really, really easy to lose an iPhone in a ball pit.

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