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our next-block neighbor Cal created and cares for and constantly curates anew the single best window box in the city. a tiny tour of this week's iteration in stories, gothic grotto included 👆🏻
delightful coincidence (and a good challenge!) to sketch out La Sagrada Família at one inch square for this commission: stars doubling as a ketubah, with space for rabbi and witnesses to sign a marriage into being next weekend. (I mean, ...
went in for a routine scan today; baby was not amused by the paparazzi but I can't blame her given we rather rudely interrupted her morning jiujitsu routine. all's well at 34 weeks and I just wanted to say thank ...
real life right now. #dumb 😠
first light and last glimpse over Mallorca's mountain coast.
woke up this morning convinced we were in Rome, spent a panicked confused minute as to how and why that could possibly be reality but then suddenly joyously realized I ...
a three-exclamation-point postscript as we board a plane home: baby girl to arrive the end of June, our next (most) grand adventure. #stowaway #spectabundabythesea
5.2.17 Deià | if JWM ever finds himself a whole stride ahead of me it is only because I have stopped to talk to a cat.
5.2.17 Biniaraix | and olive groves on the hike back in to Fornalutx
5.2.17 Fornalutx | orange groves on the climb down and over into Biniaraix
5.2.17 Fornalutx | voted prettiest city in Spain two years in a row 🏆
5.1.17 Cala Llombards | May Day on the Mediterranean 🙌🏻
4.30.17 Port de Sóller | sunset boardwalk before heading back through the mountain pass.
4.30.17 Valdemossa | tiled turrets in Rhondeau blue 💙
4.30.17 Banyalbufar | colors, geometries.
Palma 4.30.17 | 💯
Palma 4.30.17 | city palette
Palma 4.30.17 | mostly just coveting other people's courtyards.
Barcelona 4.29.17 | Sagrada Família; sacred grove.
Barcelona 4.29.17 | self portrait with a salamander; Nativity facade, Sagrada Família.
Barcelona 4.29.17 | the Nativity facade, Sagrada Família.
Barcelona 4.29.17 | JWM, Sagrada Família.
Barcelona 4.28.17 | typographic dreamscape at the tippy top of Cascada Monumental.
Barcelona 4.28.17 | the Umbracle (a fantastical shade house in the Parc de la Ciutadella near the top of my to-see list) was all locked up despite posted hours so JWM rowed me about this pond for a full half ...
brb plastering all of the things in modernist mosaic (thanks for the Palau de la Música tip, @katiemarinda! magic 🌈✨)
(currently 89% chance I will come home from this place and tell you only and all about Santa Eulàlia's cloister geese.(there are thirteen of them.) (they live here.) (that is their official fountain.)) #luckyducks
a resounding eternal yes to the Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia 🙌🏻
first things first. #mésqueunclub
help us to see, wherever we gaze, that the bush burns, unconsumed. and we, clay touched by God, will reach out for holiness and exclaim in wonder, 'how filled with awe is this place and we did not know it.' ...
🌸✨spring omnipotent goddess thou ✨🌸
basically disneyland.

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