Nic Wise | @fastchicken

🚕. ✈️. ✈️. 🚕. ⛴. then this.
Went in a chopper. Saw some dirt. And water. 🤯🤩🤯
Old Vegas is.... weird.
Normal Vegas is turned up to 11. This is up to 13.
Morning Vegas...
From above and on ground level
Prosecco and my sitting-in-the-sun buddy
It’s Day of the Dead today, right? @garageproject
@kyliejay we found your bike...
Sousvide flourless chocolate cake with drunken currents, mascarpone, cassis and with @garageproject Rum and Raisin barrel aged strong ale
After work beach walk. Doesn’t suck.
Fun with colour
Kererū count for the day: 3
Summer is coming. (Hurry up please)
I wonder why, When I pick Waiheke, does it show in Russian.
iOS 11 bug maybe.
Oh Hai AppCode and the iOS Sim. Been a while.
We caught a tail!
Pasture. ❤️. @pasture_akl
The day after. Still Zen after the chaos.
Here it is. My moment of Zen.
Data center move today. Going to need some zen.
Not as dark as it all looks
Milo has a comfort
Sous vide flourless chocolate cake. Omg good and sooooooo easy.
Tequila Driven Development on a Monday morning. Thanks @broclobsterx
Steak tacos. Mmmm. Local butcher FTW
Turkey Nachos Taco. @labocalocanz salsa and masa. Left over nacho mix. Mmmm
Corn fritters for breakfast. Cos the cafe yesterday couldn’t do them. Also all the bacon.

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