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$5 lip pencils 😳😱✏️💋💸Today only under the 💥GIFTS💥🛍 tab!! Swatches by @theamazingworldofj #sale #memorialday #slayallmay #gcpencils
Luna• Bel Air• Underground• Ecstasy✔️✏️✏️💋 $5 each.. 💸🔥⚠️Memorial Day only⚠️ 😭😳🇺🇸💥 Under the GIFTS tab! ❤️💙🛍 thanks for swatching @kamilabravo #gcpencils #slayallmay #memorialday #sale
$5 lip pencils 😳🙌🏼💸 today only in honor of Memorial Day💙❤️🔥🎉🇺🇸 Grab them under the GIFTS tab! @depechegurl is swatching the shade ✏️NUDE👄 #gerardcosmetics #memorialday #slayallmay #gclippencils #sale
$5 lip pencils 🇺🇸❤️💙 today only! Red lip glam is our fave. Pick up Immortal lip pencil ✏️💋 and follow @mua_nina Shop the GIFTS tab for our Memorial Day extravaganza 🎉🎉🔥🛍✨ #sale #gclippencils #memorialday #slayallmay #gerardcosmetics
$5 lip pencils⚠️ ✏️💋😱💕 for Memorial Day 🎉💸This deal is coming to an end soon⏰💸 🇺🇸💥 Shop the💥 GIFTS💥 tab to grab the colors you've been eyeing 👀 @itsisabelbedoya thanks for swatching #gerardcosmetics #slayallmay #memorialday #sale
💥SALE ALERT💥😱😱 $5💸 lip pencils under the 🛍GIFTS🇺🇸 tab!! Don't miss the chance to stock up ✔️✏️✏️✏️💋 #slayallmay #gerardcosmetics @mariacast13
$7.50 lip cremes and $5 lip pencils for MEMORIAL DAY💋❤️💙🇺🇸🎊 Grab these deals under the GIFTS tab 🛍🔥 @babsbeauty_ is wearing the supreme Lip Creme in Angel Cake🎂 #memorialday #sale #gerardcosmetics #slayallmay
$5 lip pencils 😱😱💙❤️ today only!! British beauty @itssabrinaaa wearing Cher Lip pencil. Grab them under ➡️GIFTS tab 🛍✔️ #slayallmay #gerardcosmetics #memorialday #sale
Luna lip pencil 🌙 $5 today only 😍💋✏️ Shop our Memorial Day SALE 🎉💙❤️ under the ➡️GIFTS tab 💸🛍 @exteriorglam loves the creamy and pigmented formula of our pencils #gerardcosmetics #slayallmay
Peachy Keen ➕Nude lip pencils 💕$5 💥each 💸😱🇺🇸 today only!! Shop the GIFTS tab [email protected] went for an ombré effect! Can't wait to this combo 👄#slayallmay #gerardcosmetics
🇺🇸Memorial Day BLOW OUT🇺🇸🌈🎊🎉😱 $5 lip pencils and $7.50 supreme Lip Cremes + so much more under the GIFTS tab💸 ✨🛍🛍✔️🙌🏼 @itsisabelbedoya is wearing the color Destiny by @whatwouldlizzydo #gerardcosmetics #slayallmay
💋lips and a choker @makeup_amor 😍 today only for MEMORIAL DAY 💙❤️✨🎊lip pencils are $5 each under the GIFTS tab!! Go crazy and grab every color your heart desires #gerardcosmetics #slayallmay
@beautybyrosita 💋✏️used Nude and Cher lip pencils as an all over lip color 😱 In honor of Memorial Day they are🎊 $5 💰each 🎉✔️ under the GIFTS tab!! 🇺🇸✨❤️💸💙 Today only #sale #memorialday #gerardcosmetics #slayallmay
We are going all out for 🎉Memorial Day 🎉💙❤️ $5 lip pencils 😱😱✏️✏️✏️💋 under the ✨GIFTS✨ tab! Today only grab every color on your list! Swatches by @itsisabelbedoya 📝 #slayallmay #gerardcosmetics #memorialdaysale #memorialday #sale
Cher liquid lipstick💕😱 This color was inspired by all the beautiful 90s makeup that's making a comeback. A perfect shade for everyday ✨✨ grab 3 hydra mattes for $35 using code ➡️Hydra35👄 swatch by @makeupbyalinna 🙌🏼 #gerardcosmetics #slayallmay
MEMORIAL DAY SALE🇺🇸🎉 last chance to grab our 🗡Slay All Day Sprays 💦during our BOGO event 😱 add 2 full sized bottles to your cart and use code ✔️slay2beauty✔️to grab them both for $22 #gerardcosmetics #slayallmay #memorialday #memorialdayweekend ❤️💙 @malin_nordby
Angel Cake Supreme Lip Creme 🎂the perfect nude!! Grab this gloss for $7.50 under the 💕GIFTS🎀 tab #slayallmay #gerardcosmetics @jadeywadey180
Our baddie @karahaleanna edging out her look with the It's Complicated Metal Matte Lipstick. Grab 3 for $35 using code "Metal35" 💄 #gerardcosmetics
A universal color @makeup__is__beautiful  swatching Everything Nice 💄 Grab our hydra mattes for $12 each using code "Hydra12" #gerardcosmetics
A bright orange hue 🍊 @itskandl wearing Summer Sun gloss. Shop the LAST CHANCE Tab #gerardcosmetics
BOGO🔥 while you still can 😍 Add 2 full sized setting sprays to your cart and enter code ➡️Slay2beauty to grab them for $22 😱😱 @jjohannasl loves the new Mango scent. These sprays lock down your makeup for hours and ...
Pretty in pink 💕🎀 @j_make_up swatching Mile High liquid lipstick. One of our favorites for sure! Grab them for $12 each using code ➡️ Hydra12 💋 #gerardcosmetics #slayallmay
Half Mermaid🐬 Half Unicorn🦄✨💕 @kirstenzellers is wearing the super deep Knight Rider liquid lipstick!! Grab 3 hydra matte shades for $35 using code➡️Hydra35 ✔️💸#slayallmay #gerardcosmetics
A peachy glow 🍑😍 @efpemakeup wearing Aphrodite liquid lipstick! A beautiful nude for Summer. Grab 3 for $35 using code 💸Hydra35✨✔️ #slayallmay #gerardcosmetics
😈😂 We love Ruby Slipper, Boss Lady and Knight Rider. Grab 3 liquid lipsticks for $35 using code ✔️Hydra35✔️#gerardcosmetics #slayallmay
🍇🍇 @deysidanger sporting 'Grape Crush' metal matte liquid lipstick. A purple we can't wait to play with. Use code DANGER to save $ on
Last chance to SLAY All May 🎉😍✔️ We love this glowy glam ⭐️ @muakays @muakays uses our setting spray in 🍉Watermelon🍉 to intensify her highlight powders and eyeshadows!! 🎀 Grab 2 full sized sprays for $22 when you use code ...
Summer is not the same without Slay All Day Spray ☀️🍋 🔥BOGO🎉 is back. Grab 2 full sized bottles for the price of 1 when you add them to your cart and enter code ➡️💸Slay2beauty ✨ @makeupbyalinna loves the Lemongrass ...
@lolaliner ✨looking in Underworld metal matte. This color is an instant knockout 💋 Grab 3 for $35 using code ➡️ Metal35 💄#gerardcosmetics #slayallmay
@_stephanielange_ adores our 'Grace' highlight. It's a luminous pearl tone that really pops. Use code STAR to pick it up 🌟#motd #gerardcosmetics

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