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SoulfilledSunday Good Morning! Just like we require maintenance in our cars and other things, it's important that we get our spiritual maintenance! So shut it down and give the Lord his time. I promise it's a great investment. Enjoy your ...
Just noticed that as I lay on this couch, but I think I found my refrigerator. ✅
This is a great way to end the night, it's a great message. There is always that one person that everyone thinks is the strongest. They listen to your problems but if you notice they never talk about theirs. They ...
Really what else is there to be? Own your imperfections they make YOU special! Trust #justgina #confirmation #mystevo #whosperfect
Quick breakfast sandwich on the go. Turkey bacon, egg with mozzarella cheese and an all grain muffin. Oh and my juice! It's the mist important meal, start it off right and it will end right! #justgina #mystevo
Love it!!! Good morning 🌞
Thank you @pam_strong would you tell them please!! #drugged #ranoverbyafullcrew #stillsmiling #knowwheremyjoycometh
Happy Hump Day! Me and my Mom!
Love this 🍾
Thanks to @cassigers and @douggillon for inviting fellow entertainers for a private filming of #hartcity @kevinhart4real for #thehartcity for displaying local talent. A great evening, look for it in the fall on #comedycentral. #justgina #laughterisgoodforthesoul❤️
OMG! This is so me and I can own it with no problem.
Okay it's Saturday........Good morning! Wake up with life honey!! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
Lunch break with @noIg Tammie Jones
Happy French Fries Day! I'm right with weakness!
Killin it @terrannoir I want to come to a class!!!
Yasss... tonight can't wait! #sugarbabies #justgina #sweetsugar
It's nice to have lunch with my Sissie @noig in ATL. Life's little pleasure! #justgina #makethemcount #mystevo
Great view: MyCave
In case you needed a friendly reminder. I'm here for it. #justgina #myministry
Sending a little love ❤️ your way!!
#sassysaturday #justgina

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