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Just posted a video talking about Murder With Friends, new music, and this little road trip Lizzie and I are taking to Alaska. Link in bio.
I got an anvil on my chest. #semler
So cool to catch up with this troubadour. If you have two ears and a heart, check out my buddy @rustonkelly's music.
A visual interpretation of the ancient riddle: "What do you do for a living?"
Just the words I needed to read today. This has been the message on our kitchen chalkboard pretty much all Summer, and I'm cool with that. Thanks @dietjay.
Last night I got hit with a heavy wave of missing Casper. Sometimes I just can't believe my buddy is gone. To clear my head, I woke up his little brother Willie. We went for a late night stroll. I ...
Surrounded by majestic redwoods, not a soul in sight. Lizzie sips her wine, as evening falls over the forest. From inside the soaking tub my voice cracks the silence: "Do I look like an alligator?"
Lizzie wrote a new blog post about this rascal's personality. I think it's worth a read, so I linked it in my bio. One thing she forgot to mention: his burps sound like he's throwing up. It's alarming, and yet, ...
Is today really #nationalgirlfriendday? What fun! An arbitrary day designed to pressure social media users into proclaiming their relationship status. So for the record, I DO have a human girlfriend, and this is a real photo of us. (I love ...
Enjoying an evening coffee, and the Portrait Mode on Lizzie's new phone.
For someone so bad at keeping secrets, I pulled off this surprise well. Happy bachelorette weekend to my childhood friend, there's nowhere else I'd rather be. #partylikeadubois #donttellharps #weddinghashtagsareimportant #iguess
Honestly, this Summer has been filled with a lot of heartache. It's all felt pretty heavy. That's why Lizzie and I were so surprised to meet this shy, sweet boy who found a way to get us outside and make ...
Working on something different.
On a Tuesday. 📷 @mollyktadams
@anikoui and I took a quick break from being roadies to celebrate the 4th of July. #redwhiteandblack #garbageking #badgramir
Hey Lady
Jimmy Buffet, shante you stay. Age appropriate social plans, sashay away.
🎶 Oh Lord, won't you buy me a hammock with a view. 🎶
Halloween 2017! I know this is early, but I'm gonna need a lot of time to convince @ehcapel. Don't you think she'd make a beautiful Freddy Krueger?
For the dog that changed my life and the adventures ahead, always with a bovine canine at my side.
Lizzie wrote a beautiful tribute to Casper on her blog. I've included the link in my bio. Lady, I'm so blessed to be the one by your side.
Thank you to everyone near and far for showing Lizzie and I so much love during this time. Casper was a beloved friend and I really miss him. I know he's finding his own little pasture in the sky right ...
Sweet Casper passed away this morning. My heart is broken. He was the purest soul. If you have a memory about Casper, please share it in the comments below. If you are in the West Hollywood area, Lizzie and I ...
Send all your virtual hugs to this little guy. He loves hugs and he's feeling nervous about some test results from the vet.
🎶This is my hair 🎶 I don't wear wigs 🎶 (She sang quietly to herself)
The caption "live, laugh, love" too accurately applies here. (I have pigtails because my style icon is Willie Nelson).
Pride is upon us! I love this photo @mollyktadams took at last year's Pride. This time of year means so much to me. Love each other well. Let's celebrate how far we've come, let's remember those who came before us, ...
#mood because this week is exhausting and I haven't seen Casper in two days.

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