Gretchen W | @gretchalina1

I made the mistake of putting this box on my cutting board. I stepped away for a second.
Shop in Brighton. Don't remember what they were selling, just liked the window display.
Quilt isn't even quilted yet and it's already being used for a nap.
Pin basting helper
And sew it begins
Alison Glass Sunprint 2017 I'm in love. Starting a new project even though I have a long list of current projects to do.
Made this sew together bag for my cat sitter.
New bag
Margie's been lock is finished!
Heather Dye's block
Trying to make a new bag.
Carlos loves quilts
My helper
Oh the joy of pin basting .....
Playing with scraps. #stlmqg
Guess I'm on a break until his nap is over.
Broke the seal.
Christmas pillow
I ran out of wall space, so I'm decorating my George for Christmas.
We seem to have a difference of opinion as to what is helpful. I say that sitting on the ironing board is not.
Cat tested and cat approved.
Office Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow. This is 3 butternut squashes roasted.
Measuring for the binding of this quilt took an ugly turn.
My assistant
The inspector has decided to take a closer look

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