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Countdown! This year we’re curious about designing for the senses. How will things taste, look, smell and sound? 👉ikea.today/ddd #linkinbio #ikeatoday
The Growroom, an open-source greenhouse that stacks plants and greeneries tier upon tier. Designed by SPACE10, the IKEA initiated future living lab. #linkinbio
IKEA is collaborating with Piet Hein Eek to develop INDUSTRIELL, a mass produced collection celebrating uniqueness and intentional imperfections. #linkinbio
“They asked, can we do this? And we said, yes!” Pramod Singh, Cotton Leader at IKEA, recalls the initial meeting about making the cotton supply chain at IKEA fully traceable. #linkinbio
Bea Åkerlund, fashion activist and stylist is teaming up with IKEA. If you don't know the name, think Madonna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Fergie. Just a few of the celebrities she's styled over the years. #linkinbio
Can a machine be an artist? Students from the Swiss design school ECAL team up with robot engineer and inventor Patric Lüthi to create art. #linkinbio
Have a look at the progress of the YPPERLIG monobloc chair along with Rolf Hay and product developers Ricky Ericsson & Krister Nilsson via #linkinbio☝️
Meet the winners of the first ever Democratic Design Challenge decided at this year's IKEA Festival. See you in Älmhult, Sweden! #linkinbio
"If you don't make mistakes, you are not developing." Marcus Engman on the YPPERLIG collection. #linkinbio
The very iconic FRAKTA bag gets a complete makeover with a whole new color scheme, a splash of HAY. #linkinbio
Teenage Engineering, seen at the IKEA Festival last week. Their performance was an exploration of sound, light, live composition and crowd interaction. #linkinbio
Last few sneak peeks of this year's IKEA Festival 📸 #linkinbio
Meet Kevin Lyons, a New York based illustrator. "When you create something original, it has no rules. Drawing makes the world a more playful place." We couldn't agree more looking at those incredible monsters filling the entrance of the IKEA ...
Furniture with food is inseparable from the IKEA experience. To purchase a KLIPPAN, or a BILLY is not complete without a pit-stop in the IKEA Restaurant. So of course, the IKEA Food team is in Milan at the IKEA Festival. ...
What’s an IKEA Festival without a Democratic Design Challenge? Students from @polimi, invited to pitch their design ideas to an IKEA jury while getting feedback on their ideas. The prize: an invitation to the Democratic Design Days at IKEA Headquarters. ...
IKEA collaborations! Some great team-work going on at the moment. Present at the IKEA Festival are Mariam Hazem & Hend Riad at Reform studio for the ÖVERALLT collection, Kevin Lyons for the ART EVENT, Sarah Andelman at colette for the ...
Playing indoors with daylight. Meet the FLOALT installation at the IKEA Festival, made possible by the new technology in IKEA Smart lighting. Read more about it on the blog. #linkinbio
Danish design duo Rolf and Mette Hay are finally in Milan! Here to talk about the IKEA collaboration YPPERLIG, with Head of design Marcus Engman. #ikeafestival #linkinbio
Designer Tom Dixon takes a seat on our sofa and talks with Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA, about the DELAKTIG collection – an experiment that challenges the conventional methods of creation and distribution of furniture and explores the ...
How we live now, is a key to how we will live in the future. At the IKEA Festival OPENHOUSE, Faye Toogood and Anna&Pella were asked to define the living room based on future trends: urbanization & technology. Click the ...
Attenzione! Have a first-hand look at the IKEA Today stage for the coming week. Come by and say hi if you're at Salone del Mobile! #ikeafestival #ikeatoday Programme site #linkinbio
The #ikeafestival starts tomorrow! Have a sneak peak at the programme site if you're in town, to make sure you don't miss anything. #linkinbio
Who is he? What has he done? Why did he choose to collaborate with IKEA? Meet Tom Dixon. #linkinbio
Some have their disco on the dance floor. At the #ikeafestival we got it on the roof! A glimpse of the IKEA #smartlighting installation in development. The Festival opens in Milan this Tuesday!
With scientific precision the technicians and engineers can predict, prevent and analyse the future lives of IKEA products. They test things you can’t see, smell things you cannot smell and break things you’d never intentionally break. Take a seat, welcome ...
Curious on HAY? Find out more about Mette and Rolf Hay – the duo behind the Danish company and their collaboration with IKEA. #linkinbio
A little taste of what’s to come with the YPPERLIG collection, a collaboration between IKEA & HAY. #linkinbio
IKEA, Tom Dixon and Parsons School of Design. #linkinbio
Design from the IKEA PS 2017 collection by Iina Vuorivirta #sketchtoprototype #circularikea #linkinbio

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