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Meet James Jarvis, an artist, a visual philosopher, and one of nine participating artists in the upcoming IKEA Art Event. "I didn’t realise that glassblowing was so human and such an organic process, which makes it quite amazing doing it ...
Christian Broberg lives on a former WWII military landing craft and restoring his home is a life-long project. IKEA invited him to a workshop in Copenhagen as part of researching the fourth IKEA Life at Home Report.
Amélie Touram’s home was in a van, not a caravan or a camper van, but a van. And this was all in the pursuit of one thing, maximising time rock-climbing. She attended a workshop in Copenhagen to share more about ...
Located in the Kingdom of Crystal in southern Sweden, Målerås glassworks has been creating hand-blown glass since 1890. This is where the artists collaborating with IKEA for the upcoming IKEA Art Event were able to make their first prototypes for ...
The HJÄRTELIG collection is about natural materials that engage the senses and create an atmosphere. Rattan, linen, better cotton, cork, and solid pine illustrate how organic materials are making a comeback in shaping a more sustainable life at home.
Part of the OMEDELBAR collection between IKEA and stylist Bea Åkerlund are these revolutionary 3D printed mesh-inspired stylistic hands, to be hung on the wall or use as a decorative hanger for ones' jewelry. #linkinbio
Coming May 2018, is the fresh & active lifestyle collection SPÄNST, a collaboration between IKEA and fashion designer Chris Stamp. Incorporated into the collection is a skateboard, which is not surprising since surfing and skating has always been close to ...
A house on stilts on a lake, a trailer on a blueberry farm, an earth-ship in the forest and a castle. What do they all have in common? Read about how IKEA invited 18 Home Pioneers to a workshop in ...
Meet determined innovator and Creative Leader at IKEA, Michael Nikolic. Read about his endeavors to Mars, the HJÄRTELIG collection and his love for soccer. #linkinbio
Integrating street culture and sports in a casual and informal way at home led IKEA to reach out to avant-garde streetwear designer Chris Stamp. Their collaboration has resulted in the SPÄNST collection. #linkinbio
After many months of development – the point of no return is drawing near, it's now decision-making time! The INDUSTRIELL collection, a collaboration between IKEA and Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, highlights the imperfect, tactility and uniqueness. #linkinbio
IKEA team are in Amman, Jordan working on TILLTALANDE, upcoming Social Entrepreneur collection made by refugees and Jordanian women. Designer Paulin, product developer Stina and product developer engineer Maria checking the details, colours, prints and measurements. Production planned to start ...
The journey to space has just begun for IKEA. What can we learn from space? See the talk from #democraticdesigndays on our Vimeo channel #linkinbio #ikeatoday
What does Ben Gorham, founder of @officialbyredo have to say about collaborating with IKEA? #linkinbio #ikeatoday
Curious to hear what @virgilabloh from @off____white had to say about the upcoming collaboration with IKEA? 👉Link in bio! #ikeatoday
Some highlights from #democraticdesigndays 👉More on our blog! 👈#ikeatoday #linkinbio
Full version of the show from #democraticdesigndays now on www.ikea.today feat. @virgilabloh @officialbyredo @teenageengineering and many more! #ikeatoday #ikeaddd
Get your noses ready for the sweet scent of IKEA and @officialbyredo. Upcoming collaboration revealed on Democratic Design Days. Read all about it on www.ikea.today/ddd Image: Magnus Norman #ikeatoday #ikeaddd #byredo #bengorham
Take a walk with us and check out some upcoming collections! #ikeatoday #ikeaddd
The IKEA journey into space just started. More on www.ikea.today/ddd #ikeatoday #ikeaddd #space
Get ready for a new party experience! Just revealed that one of our upcoming collaborations is Teenage Engineering. More on www.ikea.today/ddd #ikeatoday #ikeaddd #teenageengineering
Some of you guessed it! @virgilabloh @off____white prototyping a fresh take on the FRAKTA bag in IKEA’s very own prototype shop in Älmhult. "We’re in a moment where IKEA is transcending, and people are bringing this “do it yourself” culture” ...
Democratic Design Days have officially started! Read more 👉www.ikea.today/ddd
Who doesn't love easy assembly? At the Democratic Design Days IKEA shows how simple it is to click in #lisabo legs. Just like that! #ikeaddd
Curious to see what Democratic Design Days will look like? Press play, turn the volume up and see you tomorrow at 15:30 CET! #ikeatoday #ikeaddd
Have a look at some of the collections that will be shown during #democraticdesigndays tomorrow! More to come 👉www.ikea.today/ddd #ikeatoday #ikeaddd
How to evoke feelings and ideas without actually seeing anything? Play for a sneak peek of another one of our future collaborations! #ikeatoday #ikeaddd
Designer Hanna Dalrot enjoys making beautiful mass-produced design. Working at IKEA provides the challenge to influence and inspire. #linkinbio
Many have speculated about this upcoming collaboration. Full story told 15:30 CET on June 7th #ikeatoday #ikeaddd

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