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I can so see the resemblance.... my direbear 😜 #gameofthrones
Nothing beats these midwest skies.
Happy 15th wedding anniversary to my king, my ride or die, my baby daddy, my everything. ❤️
My poor baby hates when we dress her up, lol! Fairy-pit bull.
Congrats to both my graduates! Mommy is graduated the heck out! 2 in one week.
Me and my baby! Middle School Graduation day. 🎓🍾
My angel cakes. ❤️🎂
Proud (and exhausted) parents. 🎓🍾❤️
Done and done. #classof2017
There is nothing like a mother's love.
When you ceremoniously burn your school work because you are graduating tomorrow! 🙄😂
The side eye from bae. ❤️
When your son collects Jordans. 100% edible. My baby is graduating 🎓😞🤦🏽‍♀️#jordancake @404.tj
When your baby loves Harry Potter. #cupcakesonfleek
Every car I've ever had has a theme song. This is my current car's theme song. For all my Paid in Full fans, you know what it is! When this comes on the seat goes back and I drive slow ...
Senior photos. I can't believe my baby @404.tj is graduating next month. 😳😩🥂
Le selfie as I wait on my date. #hetakesforever
The face you make after 20 years with me! Lol. 20 years ago today I met this big headed boy who stole my heart. If you ask me how we did it I will tell you we made it work ...
Good morning! From me and Maximus. 😘
Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my husband, best friend, and boyfriend. The Clyde to my Bonnie, the Jay to my Yonce, the Samwise Gamgee to my Frodo! You've been the best blessing I could have been given and I ...
Maaaaan Red Lobster biscuits though....
Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my baby boy who turns 3 today! I love my Maxie Poo! #rottweiler #rottielife
And now, we game because "Killing things clears my head."- Robert Baratheon #uncharted4
Me and my baby.
Because my desk is cooler than yours. 😬 #gameofthrones meets #startrek
The "I just got my license" smile!
The first snow of winter. Dec 2016. #stlouis
My little angels. 😇

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