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he hates it when i take pictures of him ...
neon demons
side eye in the jungle. 📸:@ashashashashashashley
set: some [email protected] w/ too much money
who says pride is corporate?
this is ‘james.’ this is his first school portrait after he told his parents he was transgender. i’ve been following him around and writing about his life for the better part of a year. and i’ve also been fighting with ...
when you miss yr flight but it's chill cuz this bb.
got a sandwich in my pocket, too.
went into the way way back for this one -- failed sf trip no. 1, to be exact. happy bday to one of the sweetest creatures i've ever had a chance to know and love. so thankful for you and ...
been doin that thing where i look thru old photos // definitely procrastinating rn // also one of the first (and still one of my favorite) i took on my mamiya
isle vibes
mcclures beach, more recently (there's a tiny person on those rocks, btw, fyi, jsyk)
that one time, 2017
sutro baths, a while ago
man standing on a rock at McClures Beach, considering "The End," 2017
McClures Beach, 2017
man in a bathrobe smoking a cigarette illicitly, 2017
that day/ was so bright/ the sun burned out
janey hates it when i take their picture. :(
can't even find the words for these two ❤️
yah yah yah, they're cute. the wallpaper, too. // seattle no. 4
❤️ // seattle no. 3
the water was so dark && the wind could cut you in half // seattle no. 2

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