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Celiac Disease or an Irrational Fear of Gluten? Read our latest blog article by ISSA certified fitness trainer @ronnienicastro 💥 Link in the bio💥
We would like to take this moment to thank our ISSA students and trainers, as well as the entire fitness community for the kind words you have spoken about Fred, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your blogs. In this article, ...
A Tribute to Frederick Hatfield from Dr. Sal Arria 🙏 Link in the bio
Check out our latest article by @ambermichellefit, 5 Tips to get fitness-motivated as a new mom! 🌹🌷🌸 Happy #mothersday 💥 Link in the bio💥
🌺🌷 From all of us here at the ISSA, Happy Mother's Day! 🌷🌺
Do you have clients with plantar fasciitis and know what to do? @drhoar covers how to deal with this in our latest blog article. Feel free to share your experience with us! 💥Link in the bio💥
"I knew ISSA would provide me the knowledge and skill set necessary to be the very best coach and personal trainer in a demanding field among other talented coaching professionals." - @lady__hammer
Again, we would like to give a big #congratulations to Moji Oluwa (@bigmanbosa) the 2017 DEAC/ISSA Famous Alumni recipient and John Rahn (@believeelitetraining) the 2017 DEAC/ISSA Honor Graduate recipient. Moji and John were selected out of the 250,000 ISSA students ...
Do you incorporate kettlebells into your workout? @laurenbrooksfitness covers 5 reasons you need #kettlebells in your life! 💥Link in the bio💥
"I am an athlete at heart and through ISSA I was able to further my passion for fitness and health that started at a young age. I knew I wanted to inspire and motivate people to reach their potential." - ...
From all of us at the ISSA, we would like to congratulate Moji Oluwa (@bigmanbosa), the 2017 DEAC/ISSA Famous Alumni recipient 🏆. You can read his amazing story in our latest blog article!💪💥Link in the Bio💥
@Regrann from @iron_milt20 -  Even though I'm deployed, working over in a different country. I'm still putting in work! Never stop educating yourself. Always want more!! ................ Thank you for the study motivation and thank you for serving our country!
Are you prepared to run an outdoor boot camp? Read our latest #blog #article to find out.💥Link in the bio💥
Ever dream of becoming a personal trainer? #whynotyou Meet @kristitauti and her husband, @patitauti
The ISSA is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Obi Obadike as the Director of Health and Wellness and Advisor to The President's Advisory Committee to the Office of the ISSA President Dr. Sal Arria on April 18th, 2017
Have you heard this from a client before: “I think I pushed it too hard at the gym; I am so sore, can we reschedule?” Read more and share your experience with DOMS in the comments below. 💥Link in the ...
"I would recommend ISSA to anyone that has an interest in becoming a CFT. Thank you for providing sound material for those who want to take the next step towards personal training."
Donald "Butch" Rolle is an IFBB Pro ...
Congratulations to @jamieleegleason, the winner of last month's Free Course Giveaway! We wish you all the best and thank you for choosing ISSA!
@drsquat1 discusses the Mind-Body connection and when training requires intensity. 💥Read the full article by clicking the link in the bio💥
“Some of the qualified nutrition and fitness experts I knew locally recommended ISSA. I looked into the company and decided to commit. I felt that ISSA was built upon science, whereas some of the other companies had focused more on ...
Shout out to #issamastertrainer, @lindsay.kent for another great article in this month's @trainforher magazine!
Congratulations to another of our very own #issacertified trainers, @tawnyclark for her article published in this months @trainforher magazine.
"Most experts would agree that the benefits of exercising outweigh the risks for people with epilepsy. But it is still important to look after your client's overall safety and to take steps to minimize risks and injuries." Read our latest ...
@Regrann from @usapowerlifting - She does it one more time, pulling 185kgs to easily win the M2 class at her first IPF Worlds.

#ipf #usapowerlifting #usapl #rawworlds #worldrecord - #regrann #repost
“The ISSA course taught me everything I needed to know to make a career change to become a personal trainer.” - Suzanne LaForge⠀

Congratulations on your world record achievements and we wish you much more success in the ...
Congrats to Jason Pierce for your achievements and thank you for helping in carrying out ISSA's vision. We're proud to have you a part of the ISSA family 💪
#repost from @issa_master_trainer - As an ISSA Master Trainer™ ...
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, @camykennedy explains why you should choose intensity over duration. 💪
“I have been a CPT with ISSA since 2008 and it has been a life changing career.” -Karen
Congratulations to @karenmullarkey for all your accomplishments and we are excited
to see your continued success in the future. #issacertified
Read our latest blog by #issacertified Fitness Trainer, Alex Van Houten. #issafitness
Shout out to Josh Bryant, ISSA Director of Applied Strength and Power Development, for the helpful article in this month's issue of @trainmag #trainmagazine #issafitness #jailhousestrong #joshstrength #joshstrengthmethod

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