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If you guys haven't heard, NARS cosmetics AKA @narsissist, has announced that they are going to start selling their line in China and therefore will NO LONGER be a #crueltyfree brand.
I am so disgusted that a company that states ...
Life's better in the sand 💦 ✖️ @dalenasbikinis ✖️📸 @juneaubiscuits
Sit down 👇🏼 Be humble 👌🏼 ✖️ @dalenasbikinis ✖️ 📸 @juneaubiscuits
Every woman's arsenal needs a little black bikini 🖤 My favorite one is from @dalenasbikinis! ✖️ 📸 @juneaubiscuits
When in doubt, wear red 🌹 ✖️ top from @sugarmomo_ ✖️ 📸 @apokc
Throwing it back with @apokc 📸
Good girl with bad intentions 💋 ✖️ 📸 @apokc ✖️ top from @sugarmomo_
I will love you every step of the way 💕 ✖️ 👙 @lapearlswim ✖️ @bornofthewater ✖️ 📸 @c_hirata_photography
Bright lights with @lapearlswim ✨ ✖️ Available at @bornofthewater! ✖️ 📸 @c_hirata_photography
@lapearlswim got me feeling some type of way 💕💦 ✖️ @bornofthewater ✖️ [email protected]_hirata_photography
The look you give when he says "no more bodysuits". Hah! No one tells me no 😈 Get your hands on one of these super sexy suits while you still can from @aloha_mmdi! ✖️ @pipedreams_surfer ✖️ 📷 @a.c0n
We sure are lucky we live HI, but aloha can be spread anywhere- anytime!! Pass the aloha no matter where you are with @aloha_mmdi gear 🌴💕 ✖️ @pipedreams_surfer ✖️ 📷: @a.c0n
@aloha_mmdi has got all of their one piece suits live on their website right now! Seriously don't miss out on these super sexy suits that you can wear at the beach or out on the town under your fav pair ...
There's no place like Narnia 😍
Wouldn't want to experience this crazy journey we call life with anybody else 😊💕 @insceneimages
Missing Narnia today.. 😭
In the valley 💕 ✖️ @c_hirata_photography ✖️ @lapearlswim
I still got it 🌊💕✖️ @c_hirata_photography ✖️ @lapearlswim
Oh ya know.. Just doing a sniff test 🤣 ✖️ @c_hirata_photography ✖️ @lapearlswim
I can't give you the sunset, but I can give you the night 💫 ✖️ @lapearlswim ✖️ @flyntphotos
Have a heart that never hardens and a touch that never hurts 💕 ✖️ @lapearlswim ✖️ @flyntphotos
Take me back to Oahu ✈️💕 @flyntphotos ✖️ @lapearlswim
There are some people who were just meant to be in your life. Because it doesn't matter how far you are or how long it's been, your paths will continue to cross. And I am so blessed that @vprincemusic is ...
We were given the most precious gift of all.. A home this raw and beautiful. But as the years have gone by we've taken so much while giving so little. And still she continues to give what little she has. ...
Shooting with @c_hirata_photography again today! Stay tuned 😊💕
Bend, but don't break ✨ ✖️ @lapearlswim ✖️@c_hirata_photography
Go check out @lapearlswim over at @bornofthewater in Ala Moana! They're my absolute fav!! 👙💕 ✖️ 📸 @c_hirata_photography
Melting your face off with my 32".. But I'm in the market for something a tad smaller. Tag your fav LED or smarthoop makers in the comments so that I can upgrade and keep making these kind of videos to ...
Mermaid vibes 🔮🌊✨ with my magical super sticky backless @sneakyvaunt bra! It's hula hoop tested and approved 😝 #sponsored

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