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Have a heart that never hardens and a touch that never hurts 💕 ✖️ @lapearlswim ✖️ @flyntphotos
Take me back to Oahu ✈️💕 @flyntphotos ✖️ @lapearlswim
There are some people who were just meant to be in your life. Because it doesn't matter how far you are or how long it's been, your paths will continue to cross. And I am so blessed that @vprincemusic is ...
We were given the most precious gift of all.. A home this raw and beautiful. But as the years have gone by we've taken so much while giving so little. And still she continues to give what little she has. ...
Shooting with @c_hirata_photography again today! Stay tuned 😊💕
Bend, but don't break ✨ ✖️ @lapearlswim ✖️@c_hirata_photography
Go check out @lapearlswim over at @bornofthewater in Ala Moana! They're my absolute fav!! 👙💕 ✖️ 📸 @c_hirata_photography
Melting your face off with my 32".. But I'm in the market for something a tad smaller. Tag your fav LED or smarthoop makers in the comments so that I can upgrade and keep making these kind of videos to ...
Mermaid vibes 🔮🌊✨ with my magical super sticky backless @sneakyvaunt bra! It's hula hoop tested and approved 😝 #sponsored
I will love you every step of the way ❤ @pipedreams_surfer ✖️ @a.c0n ✖️ @quayaustralia
Don't forget who you are when the world learns your name 👑💕 ✖️ @pipedreams_surfer ✖️ @a.c0n ✖️ @quayaustralia
👗 @pipedreams_surfer ✖️ 🕶 @quayaustralia ✖️ 📸 @a.c0n
Stormy days in Kona 💛⛅️
I seriously cannot get over how yummy this @flattummytea is and how it can be such a perfect way to start or end your day! 🍵💕💕 #sponsored
Throwback to some shots with @apokc rocking one of my all time favorite dresses from @sugarmomo_ ❤
👗 @sugarmomo_ ✖️ 📸 @apokc
Every freckle on my face is where it's supposed to be 💕 ✖️ @apokc
Good girls are just bad girls that never got caught 😈 ✖️ @lapearlswim ✖️ @flyntphotos
Confidence is not "they will like me". Confidence is "I will be fine if they don't" ✨ ✖️ @lapearlswim ✖️ @flyntphotos
Throwback series with @flyntphotos 🖤
Peace only comes from within 💚✨
As if I couldn't be more obsessed with wearing these tie dye dresses already.. Now the @sneakvaunt allows me to have just the right amount of cleavage to add the wow factor to any outfit- whether it's backless, strapless, or ...
Grow through what you go through 🌱 ✖️ @lapearlswim ✖️ @c_hirata_photography ✖️ @bornofthewater
The secret to having it all is believing that you already do ✨ ✖️ @lapearlswim ✖️ @c_hirata_photography ✖️@bornofthewater
In the valley 💕 ✖️ @c_hirata_photography ✖️@lapearlswim ✖️@bornofthewater

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