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Very average photo of a living room form-check, buuuut I am digging this physique a LOT 💣 Bw currently at 70kg. 7kg to go ! 😱
Nutrition coach @martinberkhan is making the diet run real smooth for me, training is ...
Pause squat triples.
First clip 150kg (330.6lbs) x3, second clip 160kg (352.7lbs) x3 Ten kilos more than last week! Awesome session with awesome people today 😁 Thanks @leonarddrake @mannathlete @fitnessjulia & @marcusudd 💜
Yesterdays ugly duckling semi-sumo doubles (now my third time trying this stance). First set at 190kg (418.8) felt okay. First rep at 200kg (440) felt okay too but the second rep was just too cringe-ugly for public display so we ...
Sugen på den här extremsnygga t-shirten från @tyngre i limited edition? Klicka hem den från webbshoppen (länk i min profil!), så stödjer du dessutom min möjlighet att resa till och tävla på Arnold Powerlifting Grand Prix i mars! ✈️🇺🇸❤️😘
#tyngre ...
#tbt to a year ago when we celebrated the birth of this incredible human.
Grattis på födelsedagen Korven, älskar dig till månen och tillbaks! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎂💗❤️🧡💛
Man, I don’t know what it is, but some sessions I get really scared of the weights, even though I’ve squatted them numerous times before. It’s not so much a thought, more of a strong physical feeling of anxiousness (as ...
@idrottsgalan 2018! ✨
Proudly representing powerlifting, third place on international medals last year out of all the Swedish federations. 35 🥇🥈🥉 in total! Cheers to being part of something awesome 🥂
Thank you @styrkelyftforbundet and @eleikosport for a great night.
”WHYYY is my belt so tight?” 🎶🎶🎶
Psyching up for deadlifts is serious. 📽: @jacobpapinniemi
#tyngre #reactivetrainingsystems #varförärbältetsåtight #gårjupådiet?
2 count pause squats, top set 150kg x3 @9. 💀 (I love pause squats.)
10/10 training session with @josef_eriksson @amandambergstrom & @jacobpapinniemi 💛
#tyngre #skrotnissarna #reactivetrainingsystems
2017 was my third year competing for the Swedish national team - a good year over all. I became twofold European champion, made it to the podium at the world championships third year in a row, lifted a 500+ kg ...
It didn’t FEEL very heavy. 🤔 I dunno how this stance works, it’s mysterious, but I like it.
190kg / 418.8lbs 🤸🏽‍♀️
Top set at 180kg (396.8lbs) x2
Felt pretty sweet.
Bw this morning 70.9 kg.
#reactivetrainingsystems #tyngre #powerlifting #styrkelyft #squat #knaboj #bojbojboj
På Chicago Zoo. ❄️
Fransförlängning: @martinalindmark
📸: @zao_media
Strugglin 💩💩💩
(Somewhat) stifflegged DLs at 100kg and what I think was about a million reps, standing on a plate?
Next week I do heavy stuff again.
This is just incredible. I’m amazed and you’re amazing. Thank you so much to everyone who voted 💗💗💗 #repost @theipf (@get_repost)
The fan votes have been tallied, and your winner for the 2017 Female Open Lifter of the year ...
What’s this ungodly stance that is making my deadlifts feel so speedy and comfortable? 🤭
Awesome training session today with @mannathlete at @iw24gbg. Trying sumo for the first time. I reckon the weight is too light to draw any conclusions ...
So triggered by my new program 😒 All my weaknesses, EXPOSED.
Just kidding. I’m having a lot of fun actually, trying to get the hang of a bunch of accessory work that is relatively unexplored territory for me and my ...
More high bar and high rep squats (135kg x10 @8) and more 530 tempo squats (105kg x5. Last set out of three on film. They were a bit too quick probably.)
I’m very intrigued by squatting high bar. They feel ...
Pondering over future squat PRs. ☁️
📸 @zao_media ✨ @ivwstills
Deadlifts, medals and world records, ey. And some shreds.
Another year gone by, extraordinary through and through, with all it’s pains and wonders. You know, some years ago, and what feels like a lifetime, my comfort zone and I were ...
Photo: @zao_media
Edit✨: @ivwstills
First time doing tempo squats. There’s a little bit of form breakdown in my third set and I definitely need to make sure to keep my right knee in check, but otherwise, these felt great. Ask me two years ago ...
Finallyyyyy. Back in the gym, doing some decent training after ten days of sickness. High bar squats and tempo squats felt excellent and most of all incredibly enjoyable. Video is of my second set of ten, which was supposed to ...
No groove yesterday. Trouble hitting depth, finding stability and the usual speed. Top set (half squats rpe 10 imo) ended up ten kilo lighter than last week. Woke up this morning feeling sick and shitty so I guess that explains ...
Chicago feels ❄️
📷 photo: @zao_media
All sets from mondays’ squat session. Triples at 155kg/165kg/175kg/165kg.
#squats #powerlifting #styrkelyft #reactivetrainingsystems #knäböj #tyngre
First time squatting in a week. Did a couple of hundred sets of triples at 130kg before I went for a comfortable set of thirteen just to feel that I’m alive. Post meet existensial crisis is real. Like, who am ...
Nytt avsnitt @tyngre Radio finns på Spotify och länk finns på
Alltid lika underbart att få prata med @andreasguiance och @alextyngredanielsson ❤️ Jag berättar bland annat lite om helgens tävling/böjrekord, mina tankar om hur jag tror träningen blir framöver ...
Oh my quad. Post-meet-trainwreck of a body getting some attention.💀
Rätt så jävla asgött att få gå till Mathilda Andersson @the_thild på Bona Curatio och få behandling efter helgens bravader. Med gött menar jag alltså aj som fan.
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