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Don't really care how my day went. I got out of the house and did something eventful 👍🏼 I'd say it was a successful (yet painful) day #paytoplay
Photo quality is not the best but I am 100% hooked on getting a 450 🤤
Greenville Sunday? 🌚 anyone?
actually 2:03am 🙃
Everything was going great until the blisters set in 👎🏼 hand full of throttle 👊🏼✊🏼
What it looks like to wake up after a long night of driving 😂👎🏼
😑🙁 This weekend has tested me on sooo many levels. Lost an aunt, lost my girlfriend, lost a ton of sleep, and came home with bruises and blisters. But I accomplished what I came to do. All I wanted to ...
That time again
3:00 tomorrow and we're out 👋🏼 race weekend is here... and anyone's welcome to tag along for the fun of it
I need to get back into the swing of things
I only care about the days that start with "S" 🤷🏻‍♂️
These last 2 days didn't disappoint 💪🏼 #3
Good good weekend 😆
🙃 tf am I even doing with my life anymore 😅
Much needed ride time just around the corner... and I'm scared to check my balance 😅
I thought I was riding tomorrow afternoon. The weather decided that was false.
Feeling some sort of way
My hand is blistered and my legs are bruised. Hurts to grip the bike, but it didn't stop me from getting those @noreverseapparel shots in today. You'll see when it's done 👀
So 🤔 there's a spot open if anyone wants to ride up with me this weekend to the next race. Just let me know. Doesn't matter who.
Looks like I'm gonna need some more @truemx goggles soon
Isn't life a funny thing...
Nobody gave a shit till after high school. But now the feeling is mutual 😎✌🏼
@spokeskins got dirty but cleaned up just fine
Anyone got weekend plans? Or down to make some??? 😑
Gonna get more shots like this tomorrow afternoon. (and not loop out) need some seat time to help the mind
What I would rather be doing today 😑

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