Mia Yim / Jade 3L | @jadetna

Its Been A While, But We All Needa Remember Who The War Queen Is! @MiaYimOfficial
Representing #putthenailinit @SafeHorizon @JadeTNA
The Kween!! @JadeTNA
Im Back 🌚 @JadeTNA
Just Loves Dropping These Bitches In The Head! @JadeTna
Doll Friends Forever! @JadeTNA @MartiBellTNA
#fbf To The ORIGINAL Dollhouse! @JadeTNA @MartiBellTNA.
Impact Moves To Thursdays July 21st! Set Your DVRs! @JadeTNA
Batter Up O.o @JadeTNA
@JadeTNA Slayed @MartiBellTNA's Ass! Thank You War Queen!
Sorry @AllieImpact, But @JadeTNA and a special friend of mine (@CherryBzomb) Feel The Same Way. Don't Worry Your Still Almost My Favorite 🍷
When It's 6:23 And Kicking Sounds Like Fun 🌚🌚🌚 @JadeTNA
@MartiBellTNA May Have Got The Win Last Night, But @JadeTNA Will Kick Her In The Face When This Fued Is Over! Good Luck @JadeTNA
Disabled Blue Pants 😉😂😂😂 @JadeTNA
@JadeTNA may be alone, but she isn't weak, she is strong. @JadeTNA
Love This Pic From The Most Recent Knockouts Knockdown! Love @JadeTNA So Much! Hope She Gets Her Title And Revenge On Marti Bell!
Hope Jade Gets HER Knockouts Championship Back Soon! I Love Her As Champion! @Martibelltna You Don't Know What You Have Started. @JadeTNA Is Gonna Break Your Ass And Im Gonna Love It!
Let's Go Tonight @JadeTNA! Good Luck Tonight, I'll Be Watching.
Happy Saturday Humans. @JadeTNA
Come on Jade show why you deserve that TNA Knockouts Title! @JadeTNA
TNA Knockouts Champion @JadeTna
Knockouts Champion For 83 Days And Counting! Sierra's Not Gonna Take The Title Sunday. Good Luck War Queen @JadeTNA
After Sunday She Will Still Be Your Knockouts Champion! @JadeTNA
When Monday Is Gone But Then I Remember Monday Is Next Week Saying What I Said. @JadeTnA
Happy Monday. 😑😑 @JadeTNA
Monday Is Here 😐😐 @JadeTNA
#friendship @JadeTNA @MartiBellTNA
#fbf To The Dollhouse Days, Those Were The Days @JadeTNA @MartiBellTNA #tarynterrell
Sorry People's Lol @JadeTNA @MartiBellTNA
Nice Shot 😉 @JadeTNA

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