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19 years in this human form. Still on the mission. #bday #gemini 🍼🎉
New #asmr is up! I am also about to do new Q&A so you can leave your questions here if you have some💕☺️ YouTube : Slim Whispers
I'll never make my bed for a photo. Nor for anything. //Quess what song I'm listening?
Write "love" in your own language (🇫🇮Rakkaus)
I had a dream I was playing VR horror game and suddenly I couldn't take the glasses off anymore and stop playing. All the crazy shit escalated to me getting crucified and burned alive in a old church. And all ...
How many degrees there where you live ATM? 12 degrees ☁️☁️☁️🌥☔️in #helsinki
Maijahii 💋 #naisterand
Wake me UP before you GO-GO #rohuküla
Exams In school
How was your weekend?🌹 I'm going to film ASMR today so you can comment some requests If you like🐥⭐️😉 #arkhamcity #harleyquinnmusically
You've known your parents for your entire life but they have known you only for portion of their life.
What was your first ASMR experience ?✨✨✨✨✨
Vappuja 🎉🎊😘
Wicked game ✖️want asmr?⭐️ #nails💅 #nailsart @jabbajarharley
Dis. Is. It. #outlast2
W-h/e:R;e'S Y€o,u(R H"e!a)D A#t ?!?!?!?!?!?!?! #basementjaxx
This little darling ❤👶🏽
#asmr uploading 💋💦 Have a good weekend ⭐️🌈
3 Shades of Turkish Sea 🌊 Thank you for 17K ! Btw Have any ASMR requests? 😘
What is your birthday? Mine is May 28th ⭐️
New #asmr is up 💋 #slimwhispers
We might be simulations in someone else's game #nastylipstick @jabbajarharley
Today I met my new babysis for the first time 🕊❤👶 I can tell she is the boss! /she doesn't have Instagram yet tho 😜⭐️
Redoing The Puzzle on my wall
I get ASMR when someone stands behind me ♦️ What kind of ASMR would you like me to do next?📢

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