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Cruise to @stereogum for the premiere of my video for "Dirty Cigarettes" by @beachslang 🚬 Thanks @laurabird and @mcintoshhhh for playing along
Oscar weekend
Sunday funday πŸ”ͺ🎈
Mount Shasta, CA πŸ“·: Olympus Mju II
Met someone who loves striped shirts as much as I do. Happy V-Day lovers πŸ’˜
Snoqualmie Pass πŸ“·: #olympusmjuii
Pigeon Point Lighthouse πŸ“·: Olympus Mju II
Fuck Nazis
A still from "Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)" for @falloutboy featuring fidget spinners, dancing llamas, and Patrick Stump's severed hand on a panini maker
Kicked 2017 to the curb
What are your favorites?
A still from "Same Boat" by @albinleemeldau - thanks for premiering @clashmagazine
Father Garth on his commune in Pioneertown, going on his 37th year of off-grid living. Garth landed in J-Tree after completing his "white robe period" barefoot walk across the US.
Save the date! Come watch music videos somewhere other than your cell phone screen! Stoked to be in this show with so many great directors.
The only Jew in Bushwackers
Straight to my ❀

Filming 1:
Seeking to cast a wide net of ages, races, and orientationsβ€”real couples are great, but any duos willing to kiss on camera are welcome. If ...
Tonight's costume is called "Does Ayahuasca Once"
My costume was "Just check again, I'm definitely on the list."
Three old pumps, Embudo, NM πŸ“·: Yashica TLR
Rock Shop, Holbrook, AZ πŸ“·: Yashica TLR
Laura at Johnnie Meier's Classical Gas Museum. Embudo, NM. πŸ“·: Yashica TLR
Painted Desert, AZ πŸ“·: Yashica TLR
Balloon Fiesta 2017 πŸ“·: Yashica TLR
Painted Desert, Petrified Forest National Park, AZ πŸ“·: Yashica TLR
Wigwam Motel, Route 66 - "When was the last time you slept in a wigwam?" πŸ“·: Yashica TLR
"America Prayer is our only Hope" - Oatman, AZ πŸ“·: Yashica TLR
Taos Pueblo πŸ“·: Yashica TLR
Johnnie Meier's Classical Gas Museum in Embudo, NM. πŸ“·: Yashica TLR
Johnnie Meier and his collection of vintage gas pumps. Embudo, NM. πŸ“·: Yashica

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