Jessica Peters | @jessiekay77

Happy puppies.. happy life.
I love that our fridge is covered in memories ❤
This kid is probably my favorite human on the planet. #mynieceiscuterthanyours #imthecrazyaunt #longdistancelove
Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.
This is me but with Dr. Pepper....
🐡🐠🐟 just keep swimming, just keep swimming
I'm just a slave to the anchor points. #graphicdesignerperks #pentool #graphicdesign #illustrator
"But I swear I can drive a stick! Pwease?"
I plead the fifth.
Sharpen your rough edges and be the best version of your weird self.
Rocky Hill yesterday in all its glory. #nofilterneeded
Actually straightened my hot mess of hair today.
There was so many new people to smell and more people to throw the ball for me and more cuddles and pets! - Lady
Those floppy ears, though.
Apparently the ball comes to you when you don't get up early enough.
Eight years today. I am so happy to be in love with my best friend. ❤❤❤
When you miss your brother so much you have to video chat.. this bitch
I'm loving my time with this dork. I love the 100% attention I get from her. Makes me feel so loved ❤❤
She's growing up so fast. I'm so in love with her. #mynieceiscuterthanyours
I always go back to this picture... I have learned that I havea tendency to be very negative and in order to keep my brain and my heart from going dark I need to remind myself that there is light ...
Ball. Ball. Ball. #onetrackmind
Good weekend with good friends. #littlebrokenarrow #camping #archery
I'm feeling my hair today. The older I get, the more wave and curl my hair seems to get. 🤘 #longhairdontcare #wavyhair #brunetteshavemorefun
The most interesting cat in the world #lokithecat #lifewithcats #catagram
So excited this came yesterday!!
Video chatting with my Ava yesterday. Have to make sure she remembers my face, you know. #imthecrazyaunt #mynieceiscuterthanyours

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