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I ❀️ morning cruises and that Saturday Sensation of the weekend to come ❀
I ❀ gingham and bows and that vintage Spring feeling 🌀
I πŸ’• sharing a volcano with @misssomethingblue & @rubyjoule 🍍 And it's always fun to bring my Miss @thetikioasis Sash back out again! 🍍
@suavecitapomade makes my hair go boom! I πŸ’› @suavecitopomade
i πŸ’› round shapes when cooking.
And away, we, go!
hotel pups β˜•οΈ
I always adore the magic ✨ of showday! #tbt to the glamorous, sparkling, classic abode of @rosaleebloom ✨ I'll see your beautiful faces tonight at the Spider House Ballroom 9pm!
Meandering roses and the sky is the limit πŸ¦‹
My girl @misscelinelee and I are going on an adventure together to @nashville_boogie and I. CAN'T. WAIT!!!! Is it May yet?
Y'all! The Dylan Bishop Band is one of my FAVORITE bands right now. This guy has got such stellar talent you CANNOT miss our live band show with him! See @dbish1998 with the @jigglewatts this Thursday! 🎢🍸🎟
It was great fun to bring my "Papermoon" act back to life - this time with a new hat! πŸŒ™βš‘οΈπŸŽ©
I'm springing into action this weekend for shows and festivities! 🐰
TONIGHT: Jolie & The Jackalopes 8PM @thebrasstaprr πŸ‡
SATURDAY: Jolie & The Jackalopes 12PM in Bastrop 🌸
SATURDAY: Burlesque in Dallas at @vivaslounge πŸ₯
SUNDAY: Happy Easter! 🐣
DALLAS! I'm coming for you this Saturday for "Cirque du Burlesque" at @vivaslounge ! Get those tickets, this is going to be spectacular! 🎩⚑️
A touch of kitsch from the weekend ⛳️ (Dress by @pinupgirlclothing )
I'm curious! What are your favorite #rockabilly and #hotrod events around the US?
Post-performance joy with a couple of my @jigglewatts πŸ–€ We had an AMAZING time at the Texas Burlesque Festival and the happiness I feel after performing with all these women I admire and adore is profound. I can't help but ...
In the corner of my showgirl room are my Barbie trophies from Texas Burlesque Festival along with a signed photo from @tiffanycarterlegend πŸ’• It's a constant beacon of encouragement and I love this corner with all my showgirl heart! I ...
Between the @lonestarroundup & the @jigglewatts and the Texas Burlesque Festival - I may never stop grinning from ear to ear all weekend!!! How is this my life? I love so many people I'm around this weekend that my heart ...
Headed to the @lonestarroundup ! Yay! #lonestarroundup #lonestarroundup2017
In 2011, I had the honor of winning two awards at The Texas Burlesque Festival. In that moment I didn't feel like I was competing for trophies, but rather I wanted the audience to feel something they had maybe never ...
I can't help but be nervous waiting to see if I made the top 20 contestants for Miss @nashville_boogie ! They haven't posted them yet! 😬
Yay! My band @jolieandthejackalopes has a gig TONIGHT at @whitehorseatx ! Y'all come honky tonk with us at 6:30pm! 🌡🎢
#tbt to last weekend's @giddy_up_tx - as always we had a blast! Congrats to the winner of this beautiful peach bike! πŸ‘
Ready...set...let's get it done today! Good morning! β˜€οΈβœοΈ
Is there anything prettier than roses in front of a wine cellar? This calls for rosΓ©! πŸ’•
...amongst the bluebonnets in my bluebonnet dress. It's high spring and the hill country is beautiful!
#ootdsocialclub #ootd Yesterday I wanted to celebrate the arrival of spring, so I donned my @pinupgirlclothing dress with some thrift shoes and pink necklace from @lastcallnm - I love the mix of pink, purple, and red! Somewhat unusual, no?
Twirling in my spring @pinupgirlclothing dress from @dallaspinup πŸ’•πŸ’• We had a grand show last night so I was very happy!

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