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more from nashville this weekend.
the air was muggy, but the content was f r e s h //
getting everything tweaked before totality with @orrjosey #alphacollective #sonyalpha
definitely not a picture i ever thought i'd take. cannot wait to show the entire experience (dropping on @waffsicle friday) // #eclipse2017 #sonyalpha #alphacollective
no words. absolutely mindblowing // #eclipse2017
c o w h o u s e s
thing 1 & thing 1.5 // 📸: @orrjosey
the @urbancowboybnb is a goddamn beautiful place // 📸: @orrjosey
made a new friend today // #alphacollective #sonyalpha
🎨: @richysquishy
he's grace. he's beauty
a weach in the dark (portrait by julen) // a tiny sliver of light peaks through our living room for about 3 minutes each day during the summer and this time it shined on the mango // shot on my ...
[sold out] #ad pin y/b // drops in 10 min on @shopfreeradicals //#ad
8 months ago..i started a production company with @loboexplosivo ...a person who has pushed me creatively more than anyone has in my life. from the inception, collin brought something unique to the table and we have both invested every bit ...
one of the most satisfying things as a person who loves using their camera, is having the team who makes that camera acknowledge your work. as of this week, i've been welcomed by the @sonyalpha family into the #alphacollective. with ...
L M T 5
yesterday was rad. spent time shooting with the legend @matjoez who i've been so greatly inspired by for so long. short vlog of the experience is up 🎥: @matjoez
[sold out] head in the clouds. feet on the ground // @scramblebrandofficial
julien solomita x scramble brand official tee just dropped. link in my profile 📸: @grizzleemartin
[ hello ] @chrismelberger
🎨: @atremu
me and my punk // 📸: @shandude
youtube dad // 🔥🎨: @jacksather
hey it me... ghillie wonka // edit: @lauragarcao
flying home from the midwest and I look out the window at this. taken and posted right from my iphone 6s ☁️🌫
sometimes you look up at the sky and see stars and think. wow. i'm small. i'm insignificant. i'm just a spec. then you look down and you're on a boat. that you paid to sleep inside. willingly. and you think. ...

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