julien solomita | @juliensolomita

[ hello ] @chrismelberger
🎨: @atremu
me and my punk // 📸: @shandude
youtube dad // 🔥🎨: @jacksather
hey it me... ghillie wonka // edit: @lauragarcao
flying home from the midwest and I look out the window at this. taken and posted right from my iphone 6s ☁️🌫
sometimes you look up at the sky and see stars and think. wow. i'm small. i'm insignificant. i'm just a spec. then you look down and you're on a boat. that you paid to sleep inside. willingly. and you think. ...
it was a good week
there's no photo cred on this picture...because i took it. and i didn't use a tripod 👀 @djiglobal
🎯 // @winter_stone
congrats to my brother, the college graduate. very proud of this kid. what an accomplished little shit
probably my second favorite couch i've ever sat on
this was definitely not but probably taken in front of a PHOTO BACKDROP FOR BABIES...who even am i anymore
all summer long, @mikeshardlemonade keeps the party hot and the refreshment cool 🍋 #drinkonthebrightside 🍋 #ad
💙🧀 // 📸: @grizzleemartin
this girl is the embodiment of beauty. she's wise. loving. genuine. strong. funny. and the hardest goddamn worker i've ever met. the kind that works herself to the bone while nobody is watching. the real kind of hard work..creating things ...
neatdude x waffsicle
emotional rocks found in a field, scattered apart from each other, reunited for an instagram photo
i got it from my momma. and she got it from hers // 📸 @sonyalpha a7sii, sigma 20mm, f 2.2, 1/8000, iso 400
@scramblebrandofficial x juliensolomita coming soon
🎨 @jennamarblesart
seaside, fl // the last place i'd ever expect to end up // hell of a trip (vlog is up) 🛵⚓️🏝
wow. we won @shortyawards 'best ensemble'! congrats to the dink fam because this is all yours. and i could not be more proud of the person i get to share this with. 🙌
as you know i turned 25 yesterday. i received so much love, so much of which came from many of you, but for some reason i cannot stop thinking about this gift.. my sister @rooxxaaanne got me this book; 'where ...
"a work of art is a world in itself reflecting senses and emotions of the artist's world" -hans hoffmann
had fun partnering with @bestbuy for this dope #rogueone release..I am now the derpiest user of the force #ad

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