Kelli Purington | @kellipurington

Purington Christmas tree 🎄
Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and Family.
Halloween 2017
My kiddos. School pictures 2017
Hunting buddies
Teaching them young. #nhms let's go boys
Young NASCAR fans #nhms
Austin's ready to start kindergarten tomorrow
Ready for Kindergarten Orientation for Austin. #hesmybaby
Time to relax and enjoy the kids.
NASCAR at New Hampshire Motor Speedway #familyfun #nhms #kylelarson42
Meet and greet with Elliot Sandler #nhms #elliotsadler
Enjoying the lake
Best buddies
My future 2nd grader.
Lexi made bubble Wands at school with pipe cleaners.
Bubble fun
Wish I was as photogenic as her. Ready to meet her 2nd grade teacher. Also Excited to see what friends she has in class #danicapatrick she wants to race like you.
Future kindergartener and second grader.
Wow. What a crash. Thankful he is ok. #indy500 #indy #scottdixon#scottdixon9
Monster Jam fun. #monsterjam
Enjoying some wine on the front porch.

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