Jamale Boutmymoney Stewart | @kingofdiamond_704

That face u make when u stuffed a hog leg
Ain't nothing change if ya lame go DAT way #500damob
I need for all the haters an non money motivators DAT way
My life is a motion picture
The realest in the city đŸ’¯đŸ’¯ fuck ya if u don't feel the same
I didnt believe it but it true they pay you to jus use your phone here my proof you get more fir referralsits free no money out of pocket so get paid to do nothing but use that phone lol
Dog sleep like a nigga only kang
We was on 3 beans that night killin it #whogonjudgeus
S/o @QUEEN_SAVAGE2014 for the big love she show in follow her she'll follow back 😁😜👍👍
Real vet never told on a nigga I kno alot bout these fake ass niggas an bitches but my lips sealed cause it's not my place of business #truvet

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