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Leftover chilled goose. Y'all hawngry?
Custom starbuck. Classy as fuck.
Upside down and off center. Seems to be the theme of this trip.
@jacy_blake living out her fantasies with Sam Doores. @thedeslondes
He's already dead because you touched him with your stupid dirty possum hands.
Anybody got some acid I can borrow? #doublerainbow­čîł
Bubba likes baseball. Or naps. #oldassbeagleapproved @designbuildadventure @thelongtimetexas
Two years. A mess of disappointment. And a million honey butter chicken biscuits in various states of deconstruction. Ain't nothin changed. But she seems to stick around, and she's way yonder better than anything I deserve.
This isn't the first time I've come to work to find a present of a random bottle of whiskey on my desk. Thanks @dog_gossiper I think...
#whitetrash @jacy_blake
Hey dad, whatcha makin?
Just got this little hussie for free. My life is really weird.
It's been a long few weeks. Also Louisiana has weird orange juice. And Gary Makes a fine Caucasian.
Mississippi. Parkay squeeze oleo. Taters. Marlboros. Two kisses. A pineapple lifesaver to wash it all down. Welcome home.
Texas cloud factory
Texts from homeless pals.
The dark side of selective breeding. #gmo #goose
Chosen one, reereererre. Your chairs are now red!
Ol booger nose shit leg. Still my handsome fella.
My friends are dumb.
This jacket is brought to you by the letter M. Mega man and @ming_donkey.
Mega man courtesy of BGKF and my boy biggie.(@akdubbb)
They may have taken my manhood but they aren't taking my food. Poor fella's asleep in his food.
First snow of the season. 6" of fresh powder. Just kidding. It's 80┬░
New house ain't bad. I owwn even care it's 65┬░ outside. Ain't never been one for rules. @wljpks
Glowing toilets and sick dogs aside. The new bar is pretty. Thanks @hatchworkshop @flitchcoffee
Our toilet glows when it senses motion. @jacy_blake hates it.
Two for two. #fuckcancer

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