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I've been tired lately but learning how a carat got to spend time with seventeen warms my heart ❤

I've been getting into Sam Kim recently and he's been making me emotional with his voice 😢

I really do have ...

So I can't get over my dream that i had last night
So idk how it got to this point but I was dating Seungcheol and mAAANNNN he was tall. Like i could barely see over his shoulders. Anyways, ...
Time to change up~
From today on, I will officially not be an actual fan account but a spam account. Feel free to unfollow me! I have contemplating what to do with this account since I obviously don't use it as much as I ...
This is my favorite concept pic of Josh
Ok but before I leave a message I was to post these BOOtiful concept teasers/pics bc they do deserve the appreciation
I obviously don't have time to even come and post anything over here, but here is a random post before I say anything
[🎉Happy Birthday Seungkwan🎉]© Lesser Boo, Yellow Petal, All For Boo, owners
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I pray for your happiness and smiles to continue for a long time. Continue being you, Boo! You've worked hard and know that we're proud ...
[🎉Happy Birthday Seungkwan🎉]© owner
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I don't show my love for Seungkwan here as much as before (ik I'm lacking the time to post often lol) but I'm super grateful of him. He has so many aspects ...
[🎉Happy Birthday Seungkwan🎉]© Komorebi, reverie, respective owners
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Happy Birthday to T H E one and only, Boo Seungkwan! Been 20 years since his birth and I can honestly say that it's a blessing to have him ...
[Happy Birthday Joshua🎊]© owners, Angel x voice, Blancshu
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End of my mini "spam" today, and see you all tomorrow! And happy New Year to all of you!
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[Happy Birthday Joshua🎊]© pledis ent., sunhut12, hnnynay, shuabbit, __NO_8__, fleurage, fkale1230⭐~ ⭐ ~ ⭐
Told y'all this was going to be inconsistent 😂 It's almost 2018 for you guys. Excited?

Fun Fact: Black haired Joshua pretty much dominates my feelings ...
[Happy Birthday Joshua🎊]© With Josh, Today Nisoo, Zero Gravity, Choco Bana, Pinky, Gentle Lullaby, Moon Jerry
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Let the inconsistent Joshua Birthday Spam BEGIN !!!! I'll be adding #jan_to_josh onto my spam pics of Joshua, but it's ...
[❤]© soomshi, jihoonjuseyo
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I really wish Minghao the best, and I appreciate his thoughtfulness. Glad to hear that his parents will be joining him in celebrating New Years! Since New Year's Eve isn't until tomorrow but ...
[🎶]© SVTAnanas, Color Coded Lyrics
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Still Lonely is my ultimate favorite song of Seventeen, with Without You coming close to it as well.
I haven't fully read and digested Still Lonely until now. I should listen ...
[↪Swipe for Choi Seungcheol]© (text) jlnnbtst ; (pics) Brethless Moment, Summer Charisma, pledis ent., Spring Scene
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Honestly, where is the lie?
I have wayy more pics of Cheol but I put them all on Google Drive, ...
How dare I not post Wen Junhui the Christmas Tree on Christmas yesterday! Forgive me😥
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Cr. FORWOO_jeonww

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