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•|| A day of listening, learning, healing, inspiring, and empowering at @passiontopurpose DC. \\ Overjoyed from the opportunity to share with so many incredible entrepreneurs on their journey. Thank you to @jaescottstyle for having me, and to the incredible panel ...
•|| "21 Ways To Rock Braids With Beads".🐚 Thank you for the feature @Essence mag. Loved all the beautiful, creative hairstyles showcased in this article! 💁🏾✊🏾
•|| love roaming through the city and stumbling across the most beautiful street art. 🌸💫\\ #acreativedc
•|| state of mind. \\ △ ▼ @aggravatedyouth
•|| ◉◎▌art walls and fresh fruit smoothies @turningnatural \\ #acreativedc
•|| Live Good.≫Love Harder.≫ Smile Brighter. \\ ◈ 💚💛❤️◈ #lasainalifestyle
•|| plant walls. 🌱🌺\\◈
•|| "Got loyalty, Got royalty inside my DNA." \\ 🌍🐪
•|| 🌈🎨art world ◈※⁜✣✤
#acreativedc ░▒
•|| ≪ chronicle the culture. 〓\\ ↟
🔺🔰▪️🔅▪️🔰🔺 #ancestraltings #lasainalifestyle
•|| summer of skin.✨\\ sweet almond oil x my favorite @zara pom pom mules 👡👡
•|| Honored to speak on this panel in DC next weekend alongside some outstanding women entrepreneurs. Join us as we share our individual journeys of Passion to Purpose. \\ Thank you @jaescottstyle for curating such an awesome event and inviting ...
•|| friday vibes🌿\\ #morelife🌺
•|| 🎨If you haven't gone already, it's the last week to see this awesome exhibit at the @Hirshhorn museum in DC. Going to miss these colors.🙏🏾\\ #infinitekusama #yayoikusama #artlife ♻️🌀💢🔆🔸
•|| 🌿"There is peaceful. There is wild. I am both at the same time." - @nayyirah.waheed
•|| 📍📟🔅📱step into the matrix. \\ still dazzled by these infinity mirror rooms.📱🔅📟📍 #yayoikusama @hirshhorn #infinitekusama
•||🍍Welcome to one of my new favorite little spots in the city, @TurningNatural Juice Bar. Black OWNED. Woman OWNED. Right on the @HstreetNE corridor. \\ There’ve been so many changes in this area over the past few years, and this ...
•|| 🐍⚪️🔺🔸fusion of color. \\ canvas captured at the @americanartmuseum. #acreativedc
•|| Regal🌿🌸\\ @redstarcollection
•|| Art from collections at the @vmfamuseum. Loved the glitter infused elements of this eclectic piece. ✨\\ #vmfa
•|| 🌿"When we drop fear, we can draw nearer to people, we can draw nearer to the earth, we can draw nearer to all the heavenly creatures that surround us." - Bell Hooks 🌿\\ ______________
May your journey bring you ...
•|| Fridays are for indulgences😍. For me, that means my signature salad pizza from @andpizza. I live for their fig balsamic and basil pesto drizzled over everything.🌿🥗🍕 #happyfriday #andpizza #lasainalifestyle
•|| kisses from the sun 👑 \\ In my @redstarcollection
•|| ♻️🔺💡📀interactive visuals @ the Yayoi Kusama #infinitymirrors exhibit📀💡🔺♻️
@hirshhorn #acreativedc
•|| Gardens only exist because flowers know how to bloom next to each other.🌻 \\ Love thy sister.➰
•|| 🏷no elevators. always preferred the stairs. \\ new content coming to the blog next week!➰〰 #lasainalifestyle
•|| H O M A G E🌿🏺} ___________
Absorbing chronologies of culture, love, life, and resilience at the @NMAAHC.
•|| 🎨artwork featured in the #infinitekusama exhibit @hirshhorn \\ 🏺#yayoikusama
•|| cosmic vibes that transcend galaxies. \\ 🎇🌌⌚️ #infinitekusama @hirshhorn
•|| “...Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” \\ 🌿Contemplation room at the @nmaahc. One of the most powerful and serene places in the city. \\ @smithsonian #nmaahc #lasainalifestyle

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