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@gracie_sobeautiful sent this to me the other day bc she said it looks like me & I love it a lot a lot πŸŒ™
My mama isn't able to see this post for a few days but I know she'd be so proud. This is for you mama. People are gonna pay a lil money to watch my movies online soon :) πŸŽ₯🎬
Arm pit hair & no bra, fight me I dare ya πŸ¦‚
Hearing @janellemonae singing in my head today "What an experienceee" when I think about this shoot that we wrapped in the wee hours of the morning last night. Learned a magnitude of things. What an experience indeed. 🎬❀️πŸŽ₯ #thehaven #femmefilmmakers ...
It's the corners we ignore that make it possible to move forward
Work by Aster Hung
Q&A from @chifemfilmfest πŸŽ₯❀️
V lil sleep, running to work at the yoga studio, realized I'm kind of beautifully terrifying while on set last night, hopping on a red eye to be with my best friends in Philly Friday. Life is a grand rollercoaster.
Melted faces in-btw takes 🎬
Work by new artist obsession, Aster Hung
Rain or freakin' shine..I love what I do and I know I'll always figure it out somehow. ❀️
3rd day of shooting commence. Here's a selfie from when I was feelin muhself Sat night βš”οΈ
Work by Aster Hung
This dress was a whole total of 8 dollarz. Some1 take me somewhere pretty in it 🍷
We're really excited to screen @dollface_film_ at the end of June in NYC annnd also (more on this soon BUT) @womenofthenow.chi & @maitrichicago will be tag teaming to host a final screening of the film this fall so all you ...
Last night when I was snapping these pics a group of girls passed by and started cheering "what a good friend!! You are such a good friend!!" And we laughed and I was like "That too, but really I'm just ...
Cutie Prod Designer πŸ’•

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