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zero artistic flair. can't be quitting my day job anytime soon
this amazing human being is my always-inspiration with the biggest heart. how did i ever find you ?
my FIRST acai bowl ever !
28 May, 2016 - Sundown 2016. I'd signed up for the 10km - first race ever. Bought that Garmin 620 the day before, and remembered being so chuffed to own my first running watch. "running watch = certified runner badge ...
#scklm2017 HM ✅ ! Conquered the nerves (and those damned $&}%{!?# slopes ) Glad to have finished strong. Dashed that last 2km because i knew my friends and loved ones would be waiting at the finish 🤗 #runningdepartment #superherorunners #teamsert
Happy Mama's day Ma ❤️
From crossing finish lines to traversing oceans and lands together 👣 Thankful to have had this trooper's friendship and company whilst chasing our Silk Road dreams. Here's to many more 🌎
His name is Toru. Today was another golden day. ☀️ Kyrgyzstan, you are gold.
Run happy, run free ! (but omg the altitude 😵) Missing all my running buddies 🤗
no winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn
His name is Avarika. Today has been one of the happiest days of my life.
Climbed frozen trails today at Ala Archa chasing a frozen waterfall ❄️ We didn't manage to see it in its full glory, but we could hear it running beneath the frozen river and that was enough for us. It wasn't ...
600km along hot dusty roads under a white sun. Gentle swell of hills in the distance dotted with the gentle helpless creatures that are cows and horses. Fraying iron gates and ruddy cheeked children. Even the initial discomfort when a ...
@shans.y and I did many of our favourite things today.. an amble in the mountains of Chyyyrchyck Pass, wading across icy streams (barefoot no less !) and then a little climb up the famed Sulaiman Too and seeing the entire ...
...7am start, myriad checkpoints, hitching rides on trucks, the countless lambs and goats we've had to horn at to chase them off the roads, lulling tawny landscapes just melting into snow capped mountains, the rainbow of characters we've met along ...
(close to the Chinese border)
One more for the road before we cross into Kyrgyzstan tomorrow on foot 🤞🏻
Glad i finally made it here to see this age-old city, while it still stands, while barefoot (and bottomed) children still play in the dusty streets, before all this disappears in the name of Progress
Ancient labyrinths 👣
Labour Day, Kashgar - when a little boy refused to let his 'reins' go and made me swing him round and round 😌
#incomeecorun HM ✅ - I wasn't in the best of health, and desperately wanted to call it quits after throwing up for the third time, and i would have if not for the many friends I saw along the way, ...
everyone seems to be out and about this public holiday including this one 😍 (May here we come !!) hope everyone's having a happy, healthy Good Friday 🐣 Happy Easter !
Golden weekends ☀️🤗💖 📸: @cchesterz
#2xucompressionrun2017 HM ✅! Thank you as always to my friends and loved ones for being there at the finish 🤗 And it's true - whenever you start to lose faith in humanity, just take a look at the finishing line ...
Lunchtime well-spent dropping off donations for @soles4souls ! Thank you to all you golden-hearted people for your love and kindness 🤗 Recycle your unwanted, gently used footwear by giving them to someone who needs them more - collection point 📍203 ...
if you're around Orchard, do drop by with some spare change and say hello to @abventuresinwittyland as she does her part to raise funds for @sosdsingapore !
the last few days felt like a dream. did i really go into this with a swollen ankle and close to 0 training ? did i really complete it ? i can still feel my legs ? wait, where's the ...
#zurichmaratobcn Barcelona Marathon 2017 ✅ - fueled purely by friendship and encouragement from my friends. I ran with your names written on my arm. Could not have done it otherwise. This medal belongs to all of you.
#zurichmaratobcn race packs collected ! @lokedesiree we'll see you at the start line in ..1, 2, 3 hours .. !

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