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I am so proud of you!!! Now let's party!
Graduation Party Preparations are underway!! This Saturday night is going to FREAKING AWESOME!!
Obedience to the word of God is our greatest offering to the Lord. Anyone can talk the talk....but can you walk the walk. Happy Thursday
Mother's Day!! The one and only #grandmoto She got on a plane and flew to Oklahoma to see her boy race. Each one of her kids and grandkids are so different and at different ages. She meets them right where ...
Both of these beautiful babies are 21 now. Lani turned 21 in March and Joe turns 21 today. Ryan and I am so proud of you both. We love you forever and always.
Nothing says love more than @brookemaassmyers making me a delicious treat and Bronson bringing it to me because I was working in the score tower and I couldn't leave. Life is good when friends are great!!!
This weekend at #echeconneemx was GREAT. Thank you RPM sports for a great track all weekend. We love You! Thank you to all of our sponsors and those who help us. #axoracing #axoalliance #6dhelmets #evssports #xbrandgoggles #eksgoggles #tcxbootsusa #tcxboots #wiseco ...
Awesome day today for @rylansmith124 !!! Qualified for regionals, so his work is done for now!! Love it that @kaylajenayy was with us at #echeconneemx this weekend. πŸ“Έ : @mepmx
Best Caption Wins....and go
#hazardousmx #hazardousmxfamily
I can not put into words how proud I am. Our race season began with huge results. Thank you to everyone who came and cheered with us at the Dome today, your support is priceless. Thank you to our sponsors ...
Everyone come to the Georgia Dome to watch Rylan race tomorrow (Sunday the 26th) it general admission for $10 a seat!!! #axoracing #axoalliance #eksgoggles #xbrandgoggles #tcxboots #tcxbootsusa #hazardousmx #grandmoto #cyclewerks #bullracing #southatlantadiesel
New Spring Colors are out!! Message me for your new spring look!!!
Happy Valentine's Day Ryan!! I love you and our crazy busy and insane life!
Snap Chat saw it first....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Huge shout out to this some of this year's sponsors. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! @rylansmith124 will be looking so good!! He will be racing in the GA DOME on Sunday Feb. 26th
#tcxboots #tcxbootsusa #axoracing #axoalliance #eksgoggles #xbrandgoggles #evssports #evs
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ€— not really sure how that's going to turn out??
Pampering a sweet friend this afternoon with a complementary Mary Kay facial and a free Glycolic Peel treatment. Love the skin you are in!
Call me Van Gough (It's amazing what wine can do for my artistic abilities)
Mary Kay's new Glycolic Peel. Just curious how many of my friends have not tried this product.
Because my husband fixed 14 trucks today, by himself. It's his favorite and I love him!
"You guys see that kicker over there....yeah....don't hit that" -Andrew Matusek
Feels good to be back at it! @rylansmith124 @n8mason103 @garyson67 @matusekfourtwo
Mary Kay Ash did an interview with "60 Minutes" back in 1970. The reported commented on how many times she referenced God. He said " don't you feel guilty using God to make money" Mary Kay Ash responded so sweetly ...
Late night decision last night. Mom and I decided to take the kids to the pro-life march in Atlanta. Today was a good day.
Three generations believing that life is precious and that the unborn has a right to live too. Lessons today in American freedoms, civil liberties and the power of prayer.
When mama makes breakfast
Homemade pan of biscuits going in the oven on the non-eventful morning
Rylan started "scrapping" about 4 years ago as a way to put money in his racing account. It's hard and heavy work (when he started his daddy would help him now he does it all by himself). Today he even ...

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