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"Happy place" #thatrug 😍 If you're in the LA area be sure to stop by @nightpalm in Silver Lake. Owned by my friend Tiffany Howell, it's a gallery, has homeware, sculptures, jewelry, vintage furniture, but really, a store that sells ...
"Patient" πŸ€’ @luciferonfox airs Monday 9/8c Fox #ismellatrixiemazeluciferscene
"Someone's digging the new sofa" vintage Moroccan rug by @nightpalm
"Baby tooshie be bangin" hand painted designs by @ashleygoldberg for @parasolco I discovered this company through my friends and I love them already. Wood pulp from sustainable forests, no harsh inks and chemicals, (no lead or heavy metals), fragrance free, ...
"Where the snacks at?" #tbt
"Red devils on my sleeve, Manchester in my heart" Congrats @manchesterunited This one was so much bigger than just a win. ❀️
"Werk it" Much respect to all you mama's who work your way through fatigue and nausea while pregnant. It ain't pretty in the beginning for some, but Tom was super supportive in the early days and I honestly could not ...
"Coming, this summer" πŸ‘ΆπŸ½ #notlongnow @chrispaynegilbert
"Nurture your friendships" I met Casey over 10 years ago in a little acting class in New Zealand. I brought her along to my first "callback" for a role on my very first show not realizing it wasn't what you ...
"I smell what you're stepping in. A new episode of @luciferonfox tonight" #only2more
To the woman in my yoga class today. I see you lady. I see you trying to hold back your tears. I saw you retreat inside of yourself as you were told by another mother, "how you should parent". It's ...
"Bookstore got jokes" 🀣
"There's a ninja in my tummy and he won't let me sleep" πŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ˜΄
"Has no soul. Will fight" #devil #demon #lucifer #mazikeen Monday 9/8c on Fox @luciferonfox @officialtomellis
"Test subject" Thank you team @snuggle_me_organic Tummy time is going to be so much fun. #organicbaby #snugglemeorganic #pressies
"Nailed it" with @nailjob inspired by @ashleygoldberg πŸ’…πŸ½
Kennedy: shot
Lincoln: shot
Garfield: shot
McKinley: shot
R Kennedy: shot
TR: shot (lived)
Reagan: shot (lived)
Gabby Giffords: shot (lived)
Nelson Mandela: in prison for 27years #pooryou #boybye
"Too soon?"
"What's she thinking?" #remytherebel #unclechris
"Practice" #remytherebel @chrispaynegilbert #unclechris
For those who didn't know, I sing backup on her new album. Support my talented friend @letoyaluckett #back2life is available now. 🀣 #hijackedthebooth
"It's the happiest sound" #hislaugh #papa πŸ“· by @lesliealejandro
Happy 3rd birthday sweet Sailor girl. πŸ¦„ #auntyduties
"Gone with the weind" #weinerdog #jack
"What's that awesome show on tonight? I can't think of the name?" #remytherebel #lucifer
"Aunty duties" 😍 #remytherebel

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