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Happy Memorial Day weekend. Do yourself a favor and go for a hike.
Keep climbing, folks. Just keep climbing.
Photo credit: @b.weisberg
#tbt to when we climbed the looooong "staircase" to the summit of Mount St. Helens. A fitting post on this 37th anniversary of the eruption.
Two years ago today.
Summited Mt. Hood with @b.weisberg and my buddy, Jason (@shelly_pdx). Jason tried to murder me on top.
Ever since @b.weisberg got his new camera, we've been on the hunt for wildlife. Mostly, we've found the avian, amphibian, and reptilian kind.
When mom found out the water off the Oregon coast was a little chilly.
I love this woman. Happy Mother's Day, mom.
Instagram reality: a peaceful midday snooze on a bed of wildflowers.
Real reality: inducing itchy, watery eyes and sneezing just for a good photo. Either way, wildflower season in Oregon is underway.
Climbed to the top of a hill in The Dalles to get a view of the Columbia River...but Mt. Adams stole the show.
Deep, azure blue hovering above green, yellow, and purple. The wildflowers in the Gorge are just stupidly stunning right now. Felt like I was staring at a fake computer background.
Merlin never attacks my legs, but for some reason, he finds @b.weisberg's a tempting target. Here he is admiring his latest bloodletting. Nice job, Merlin!
In honor of #maythe4thbewithyou and #tbt, how about a flashback to the time @shelly_pdx and I had a "lightsaber" duel in front of Abiqua Falls. I won...obviously.
@b.weisberg is a much more dedicated photographer than I am. He gets out of the Jeep to shoot the sunrise. I shoot it out the back with my iPhone.
Life always finds a way.
As a general rule, I don't post food pictures. But this grilled cheese sandwich (with honey and an egg on top) from @jackrabbitpdx was life-changing.
#tbt to when @b.weisberg gave Mt. Adams a good, long contemplative stare from atop Table Mountain.
When you try a #unicornfrappucino live on television. #nasty
Geese taking flight over a landscape getting greener by the day. #happyeaster
I made a friend on the Oregon coast this weekend.
Came home. Walked inside. Found Merlin like this, like, "Oh, you're home." Caption contest anyone?
On this date in 2010. When your friends try to spell your name on a cliff in @archesnps in honor of your birthday. Poor @lill_zak had to be the exclamation point.
#tbt to less than 72 hours ago.
I grew up in the mountains. The ocean frightened me. But I've learned to love the sea. It's still a little scary...but it's tranquil down there.
The sun sets on a spectacular Hawaiian vacation. Molten lava, snorkeling, family, and new friends. #mahalo
Admiring molten lava at @hawaiivolcanoesnps. Should've brought some marshmallows.
I was obsessed with earthquakes and volcanoes as a kid. Lava fascinated me and I always wanted to see it up close. Finally did at @hawaiivolcanoesnps. So cool. Fun fact: It's hot.
Started the day with a sunrise on Kauai. Ended it with this sunset on the Big Island. I love Hawaii.
I've seen a sea life smorgasbord in Kauai. Turtles, eels, whales, and fish. How about a shark now?
@b.weisberg capturing a Hawaiian sunrise. #mahalo #aloha
Under the sea!
Under the sea!
Darling it's better down where it's wetter,
Take it from me!

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